Recommended bioinformatics blogs

Nodalpoint has recently updated its list of high-quality computational biology and related weblogs. If you have a bioinformatics or related blog and want to be included, or if you want to suggest a blog for inclusion, please go to the Nodalpoint link above and submit your suggestion via the weblinks form. And if you don’t have a blog and wonder why a scientist should want to blog, I borrow from a 2005 Nodalpoint post a quote from physicist Sean Carroll, who blogs at Cosmic Variance:

“It can serve a useful purpose in providing some expert commentary when something hits the news, like Hawking’s ideas about black holes last summer,” says Carroll. “And I like to think that it does provide a window into the wider concerns of an academic scientist when I talk about dinosaurs or theater or music. Writing it has made me more disciplined and careful about my ideas and how I express them; you can’t get away with things in front of a thousand readers that you might in casual conversation.”


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