A badge for your Nature Network blog

Ricardo Vidal of the University of Algarve, Portugal, has made a badge which can be seen below and at his Nature Network blog: My Nature Network Blog Badge


Ricardo blogs both on Nature Network and at My Biotech Life. If, like Ricardo, you have a blog on the Network and a blog elsewhere, you can copy his badge and use it on your external blog so that your readers can click to your Network blog.

See here for more information about blogs on Nature Network. If you like the posts you read and would like to set up your own blog there, simply click on the “request a blog” button on the right of the page. Nature Network blogs are indexed in Technorati (a major blog search engine and ranking system) and are added to Postgenomic, Nature Publishing Group’s science blog aggregator. Use the Network to spread your scientific words, as well as to join groups that share your interests and to make new contacts.


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