Nature is now accepting submissions in MS Word 2007

Nature is now able to accept Word 2007 files, provided that they are authored from the beginning in “Compatibility Mode”, that is, as a Word 97-2003 document and saved in .doc format. We cannot accept files in .docx format, so please do not write the paper as a Word 2007 document then save as a Word 97-2003 document. The resaons for the earlier compatibility problems with Word 2007 experienced by publishers, and the efforts made by them, their suppliers of production technologies, and Microsoft, to resolve these, are discussed in this earlier Nautilus post.

The details of how to format a submission in Word 2007 are described in Nature’s Guide to Authors:

Using Word 2007 to produce a Nature paper

Open a new document.

Turn on ‘Compatibility Mode’: click the Microsoft Office button, Save As ‘Word 97-2003 document’.

Note that some features of Word 2007 will now be inactive, including the default equation editor. See this Microsoft page for details.

Copy and paste the Word 2003 template (available at the Nature website) into the open document, and write the paper.

NB To put in equations, use Insert/Object/Microsoft Equation 3.0.

To put in symbols such as Greek letters, use Insert/Symbol; we recommend using Symbol font.

Save As ‘Word 97-2003 document’.


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