Join a Nature Network group

Ai Lin Chun of Nature Nanotechnology describes how to join Nature Network and one of its many groups:

1) Complete your profile (include a picture)*

2) Participate in the forum (post topics/replies; ask questions)

3) Read the notice board

4) Post your newest publications to the group profile for increased visibility

5) Set your account to receive at least one email per week to keep up to date on latest events/postings

*For examples of a Network profile, here is Ai Lin’s (click on her name), and here is mine.

There is a huge variety of groups to join, including in every discipline of science, or arts/culture, or science/society, or general science-related: here is a listing. Select groups to suit your own interests and interact with like-minded scientists and other users. It’s simple to do, and all free.


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