Nature Medicine’s Q and A with Frankie Trull

From the February issue of Nature Medicine 14, 112 (2008):

Attacks against researchers by animal rights extremists have steadily increased in recent years. More than 70 such attacks occured in 2006 alone, according to data collected by the Foundation for Biomedical Research, a Washington, DC-based nonprofit organization that aims to serve as the voice of scientific reason in the ongoing debate that surrounds animal research. Frankie Trull currently heads the foundation, which she established in 1981. She explains to Nature Medicine why she has devoted her career to improving the public understanding of the essential role of lab animals in medical research and discovery.

The question-and-answer interview that follows covers various issues, including the reasons for the recent increase in extremist actions in the United States, how to safely increase the transparency of animal experimentation, protection measures, approaches to replace animals, and the diseases that are most likely to benefit from the use of live animals in research.

The full article is available at Nature Medicine’s website.


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