Discuss Nature’s Commentaries on innovation

Are you interested in innovation and how to promote and predict it? Check out Nature ’s series of commentaries on the subject and tell us what you think at a Nature Network forum for online discussion.

In June, Bill Destler, president of the Rochester Institute of Technology discussed his school’s plan to foster innovation through academic-industrial partnerships.

In July, Lan Xue director of the China Institute for Science and Technology Policy argues that pushes to globalize science must not threaten local innovations in developing countries.

In August, David Guston of Arizona State University discusses the inherrent contradictions in the idea of introducing innovation policies, and offers ways of anticipating change without predicting it.

In September, Fred Gault and Susanne Huttner discuss some of the ways the OECD is looking to apply metrics to measure the impacts of innovation policies.

Podcast Extra!

David Goldston talks with experts about policies to implement innovation in this run up to the US presidential election.

Do you think innovation can be directed? Can it be predicted? Encouraged? Measured? Join the discussion at Nature Network.

The Nature commentaries are collected in this web focus.


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