Nature Methods, looking back and moving forward

The fourth anniversary of Nature Methods’ arrival on the publishing scene and a change in leadership offer an opportunity for reflection and editorial fine-tuning, as described in the journal’s November Editorial (5, 911; 2008).

From the Editorial: “When Nature Methods made its debut in October 2004, just over 4 years ago, it was an anxious but exciting time for our founding chief editor Veronique Kiermer and manuscript editors Nicole Rusk and Daniel Evanko. We were all novices at scientific publishing and more comfortable calibrating a pipette than editing a fledgling journal.” The Editorial goes on to outline developments and other changes at the journal since then. Veronique is taking on the role of publisher for Nature Methods and Nature Protocols, and Daniel is taking over as Chief Editor of Nature Methods. Reviews, Perspectives and Research Highlights are to be expanded, while the Protocols section is closing. (Authors are encouraged to submit their protocols to the online publication Nature Protocols.) The Editorial concludes: “We hope that our journal has helped dispel the notion that methods are less important than results and deserving only of small print at the end of a paper. Debunking this myth has been and will continue to be our main mission. We will persist in our efforts to bring you, every month, a journal that allows methods to be featured prominently in their own right—as the cornerstones upon which results are based.”

Nature Methods guide to authors.

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Aims and scope of the journal.

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