Nature Milestones in Cytoskeleton

Published on 1 December, Nature Milestones in Cytoskeleton is a collaboration from Nature, Nature Cell Biology and Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, focusing on ground-breaking advances in cytoskeleton research. Developments in the past 60 years range from the discovery of actomyosin to the identification of molecular motors, and from fluorescence analogue cytochemistry and differential interference contrast microscopy to single-molecule in vitro assays and optical traps.

Milestones are a series of specially written articles, which highlight the most influential discoveries in the field of cytoskeleton over the past 60 years, as described in an Editorial. Nature Milestones in Cytoskeleton also comprises a collection of selected review articles, a timeline of key discoveries, and an online-only library of recent research papers and review-type articles from Nature Publishing Group.

Free print copies of the Milestones in Cytoskeleton suppliement are available to order (the supplement is being distributed with the December 2008 issues of Nature Cell Biology and Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, so subscribers of these journals do not need to request a copy).

See also Nature’s web focus on the 50th anniversary of the first report of muscle crossbridges, published online in 2004. A few print copies of the reprint of the two 1954 papers are available: if you would like one, please leave your name and mailing address in the comments field to this post, or send an email to


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