The week on Nature Network: Friday 20 March

This weekly Nautilus column highlights some of the online discussion at Nature Network in the preceding week that is of relevance to scientists as authors and communicators.

The Nature Network week column is archived here.

Research institutions and universities are slowly beginning to integrate new web tools, such as wikis, into everyday operations, writes Anna Kushnir at the Boston blog. But is use of these tools at odds with institutional policies on record-keeping? Anna looks at the case of electronic lab notebooks, and asks readers about their experience.

Ada Lovelace day, 24 March, is fast approaching, and Ruth Wilson of the UK Resource Centre for woman in science, engineering and technology provides an update of plans and events – in which you can take part. On the subject of Ada Lovelace day and other related topics, Erika Cule discusses the lack of self-belief among PhD students. Could gender be a factor? An interesting online discussion follows.

Brian Clegg brings news of his appearance at the British Science Association’s popular science book club in London on 29 April. Details are provided.

How often do you go on the stump, talking about research to people in schools and elsewhere? Henry Gee provides an entertaining account of one of his adventures in outreach, and some unconventional ways to enthuse teenagers about science.

Much has been written in the media and on the Internet in the past week about conflict of interest declarations in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), after remarks from the journal’s chief editor were published in the Wall St Journal. Noah Gray has the details, and links to accounts elsewhere, including this one at The Great Beyond, the Nature science news blog.

Martin Fenner provides a useful graphical overview of Reference Manager, available also as a PDF. Well worth a look.

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