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Nature Chemistry‘s second issue is now out. The research articles cover a wide range of topics, including catalysis, mesoporous materials, synthetic methodology, anion transport and DNA conductivity. In addition, there is a Commentary about pre-university chemical education, a Review article on Möbius aromaticity and a Thesis article that looks at alternative forms of the periodic table.

May article – free online access:

In ’Activating catalysts with mechanical force’, Alessio Piermattei, S. Karthikeyan and Rint P. Sijbesma of the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems, Eindhoven University of Technology (Nature Chemistry 1, 133 – 137; 2009), discuss the potential applications of mechanochemical catalyst activation in transduction and amplification of mechanical signals, as well as the promise of mechanically initiated polymerizations as a novel repair mechanism in self-healing materials.

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