The Week on Nature Network: Friday 29 May

This weekly Nautilus column highlights some of the online discussion at Nature Network in the preceding week that is of relevance to scientists as authors and communicators. Readers are welcome to join any of these discussions by visiting the links provided. The Nature Network week column is archived here.

What are the chances of publication in Nature or in any other high-impact journal when one solidly disproves an earlier paper in the journal? I would also wish to know how the chances could be augmented. What criteria should one consider? So asks Sangeetha Suranarayanan at the Ask the Nature Editor forum.

The discussion on blogging (or other online posting) and the law has been continuing during the week at the Nature Opinion forum. If you contribute to blogs, forums and online conversations, it is worth checking out this Nature Network forum for its links to some useful articles on the Internet and legal liabilities.

Also at the Nature Opinion forum is a debate arising from Nature’s special collection on swine ’flu. The discussion is focusing on whether news of the outbreak has been communicated appropriately by officials and the media; and whether preparation for the worst helps the world to come to grips with the realities of a possible pandemic, or whether perceived ‘false alarms’ erode public trust. What will – and should – happen next? Let us know your views.

What do you know about “the imposter syndrome”? This strange phenomenon is being discussed in the Women in Science forum, and also in the NatureJobs Careers forum. (The article that’s the source of the discussion is at the NatureJobs website.)

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