Nature journals’ impact factors for 2008

Thomson Reuters have just announced the 2008 Impact Factors. Nature is the top journal in the multidisciplinary science category by all Thomson Reuters’ new metrics: 5 year Impact Factor, Eigenfactor and article influence score. It is also the top of all journals in the Journal of Citation Reports (Thomson Reuters, 2009) listing (n=6,598) by Eigenfactor score. Here are the 2008 Impact Factors for the Nature journals that publish primary research:

Nature 31.434

Nature Biotechnology 22.297

Nature Cell Biology 17.774

Nature Chemical Biology 14.612

Nature Chemistry N/A

Nature Genetics 30.259

Nature Geoscience N/A

Nature Immunology 25.113

Nature Medicine 27.553

Nature Materials 23.132

Nature Methods 13.651

Nature Neuroscience 14.164

Nature Nanotechnology 20.571

Nature Photonics 24.982

Nature Physics 16.821

Nature Struct Molec Biol. 10.987


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    Bob O'H said:

    Looking at that, I think you should start up a Nature Negative Results. Just to see what happens.

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