The Nature Big Science Debate: A Biological Century?

On Monday 8 June, Nature is hosting The Big Science Debate: A Biological Century? The event starts at 7 p.m. at Kings Place 90 York Way, London NI. Physics, biology and chemistry have all helped define the twentieth century. Many world-changing innovations from physics include electric power, the microchip and the internal combustion engine. In biology and chemistry, an agricultural revolution has helped to feed a growing population. But some of these advances have also helped to create climate change and a rate of species-loss not seen since the last mass extinction. What will physics and biology look like 50 years from now? And what might the impacts be?

Join three distinguished panellists — a physicist, a biologist and a historian — as they cast their gaze into the future of science, and its possible impacts. Will we resolve the riddle of dark matter and dark energy, and will string theory remain the best candidate for unifying the forces of nature? Will stem cells have fulfilled their promise and what of the potential of genetically modified crops in agriculture?


• David Edgerton, Professor of the History of Science, Imperial College London

• Lewis Wolpert, Professor of Biology as Applied to Medicine, University College London

• Alison Wright, Chief Editor of Nature Physics

Chair: Ehsan Masood, Acting Chief Commissioning Editor, Nature

Host: Nick Campbell, Managing Editor, Nature

For more info on The Nature Debate series, please email the organizers.

Tickets are available online, by email or via the King’s Place Box Office on +44 (0)20 7520 1490.

Kings Place, and how to get there.


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