Convergence research, systems and synthetic biology at EMBO reports

EMBO reports’ latest web focus reconciles life sciences and social sciences in a series of articles on Convergence Research. To view and access the full list of articles, which are freely available for the month of August, please visit the Convergence Research web focus. This series of thought-provoking articles highlights research that aims to reconcile genomics with the social sciences and the humanities, introducing readers to multi- and transdisciplinary developments taking place in this field. The articles explore the ethical, legal and social issues surrounding genomics research, present the results from a wide range of projects, and/or critically analyse the future of convergence research in language accessible to a broad scientific readership. The articles were published in consecutive issues of EMBO reports between February and July 2009.

While visiting the journal, you might like to take a look at the 2009 EMBO reports Special Issue on Systems and Synthetic Biology, bringing together the ideas and opinions of leading researchers and commentators who spoke at the 2008 joint EMBO/EMBL Science & Society conference. This special issue, which is only available online, makes these broad and ever-changing research areas more accessible to experts and lay-persons alike.


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