Editorial opportunity at Molecular Systems Biology

Molecular Systems Biology has a vacancy for a full-time research Editor. This exciting position involves working together with the existing editorial team on all aspects of the editorial process including critically reading submitted research, organizing peer-review, commissioning and editing reviews, and developing the content and editorial policies of the journal.

Molecular Systems Biology was launched by Nature Publishing Group and EMBO (the European Molecular Biology Organisation) in March 2005, and has rapidly become the premier journal in the fields of systems biology, synthetic biology and systems medicine.

This is a great opportunity to continue to work in science and to be intensively exposed to high quality research in the rapidly developing discipline of systems biology.

Qualifications and Experience: To meet the challenging tasks of this role, the ideal candidate will have a strong research background, a PhD in molecular biology and a keen interest in systems biology. Other essential attributes include a broad knowledge in cell and molecular biology, excellent written and verbal communication skills and a commitment to the communication of scientific ideas. An important aspect of the job is interaction with the scientific community and attending international conferences. Successful candidates must therefore be dynamic and outgoing, be prepared to travel, and have excellent interpersonal skills.

For more details, see the job posting at the EMBO website (scroll down the page).

Molecular Systems Biology journal website.

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