Nature Climate Change


Nature Climate Change will launch later in 2010. It will be a monthly journal providing in-depth coverage of scientific and impact-based research relating to the Earth’s changing climate. A multidisciplinary journal, Nature Climate Change will publish high-quality papers across both the natural and social sciences, as well as place the latest research into a wider economic, social and political context. The journal’s scope will cover research in the climate sciences but will cast a wider net to cover the implications of climate change for the economy, policy and society. As well as reflecting the traditional core subjects relating to climate change and its impacts, such as atmospheric science, biogeochemistry, geography, geomorphology, ecology, environmental economics, geoengineering, modelling and prediction, oceanography, palaeoclimatology and paleaoecology, the journal will also cover related subjects including climate and society interactions, political impacts and environmental assessment and management. More information about the journal is available here.

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A limited number of personal subscriptions to Nature Climate Change will be made freely available to researchers working on the scientific understanding and impact of the Earth’s changing climate as well as policy makers, economists, sociologists and other researchers on the periphery of climate related research. Further information about qualifying for a free subscription will be available shortly via the journal’s website.

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