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Responses to “unwise branding” Editorial

Here are three letters from the several received by Nature in response to its Editorial of 24 May, Unwise Branding (Nature 447, 353; 2007). All three responses were published in the journal’s Correspondence section on 5 July. An online commenting facility was provided at the time of publication of the Editorial. The opportunity to comment is again provided via the comment link below this post.  Read more

Don’t brand animal-activist criminals as terrorists

Equating animal-rights activism with terrorism increases the penalties for offenders and will please many of their victims. But it is not in the interests of science. So states this week’s lead Editorial in Nature (447, 353; 2007)  … Read more

Proposal for journals to include animal welfare details

In this week’s Nature, Hanno Wuerbel of the Justus Liebig University of Giessen, points out that although a large majority of the public is supportive of the principles of animal experimentation to improve biological knowledge, human and veterinary health, nature conservation and animal welfare, the public also expects strict adherence to the 3R-principle (replace, reduce, refine) to minimize animal numbers, pain, suffering and lasting harm.  Read more

What scientists think about animal experiments

This week’s Nature devotes its entire News Feature section to the topic of laboratory animals, with articles about Nature’s poll to find out what scientists really think about the use of animals in research; attitudes to research on primates; and the implications of the expected explosion in the number of mice used in experiments, as mouse disease models proliferate and are refined. All these features, and more, are collected in a special web focus. Join the discussion of these pieces and the reaction to them in the news blog .  Read more