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Nature, science, culture and film in New York this month

Nature editors and journalists are at the World Science Festival in New York this week (10- 14 June), reporting at In The Field blog, so track them there to see what’s happening at this wide-ranging festival of science, culture and society. Among the speakers are Alan Alda, Joshua Bell, John Barrow, Sean Carroll, Glenn Close, Harrison Ford, James Hanson, Margaret Livingstone, Sarah Hrdy, Paul Nurse, Harold Varmus, Frank Wilczek, Edward O. Wilson and a host of others.  Read more

Sign up for Science Online London 2009

The Web is rapidly changing the communication, practice and culture of science. Science online London 2009, which will be held on 22 August 2009 at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, will explore the latest trends in science online. How is the Web affecting the work of researchers, science communicators, journalists, librarians, educators, students? What can you do to make the best use of the growing number of online tools?  Read more

Think global, act local, says NSMB

In its Editorial this month, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (16, 453; 2009) looks at the benefits of ‘local’ science. “How close to publication do you need to be before you present the exciting findings from your laboratory to your field at large in the forum of one of the big internationally attended meetings and symposia? …. In particularly competitive areas, people prefer to wait until close to or after publication before they will talk about recent work in the context of the global community that composes the field at large. At the opposite extreme, laboratory meetings and lecture series at specific institutions provide a more closeted environment for the discussion of new work.  Read more

Natureevents directory for 2009

Have you seen the Natureevents directory for 2009? The Natureevents Directory is published once a year by Nature Publishing Group and covers a complete range of scientific events, conferences and courses around the world. The digital edition of the Natureevents Directory 2009 is free to download.  Read more

Eric Hand at the Lunar and Planetary Science conference

Eric Hand is blogging all this week at In The Field from the 40th anniversary Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) in Houston, Texas. In his first post, Eric writes that the traditional home of LPSC, a centre in League City, near the Lunar and Planetary Institute and Johnson Space Center, “was getting too tight for the burgeoning ranks of planetary scientists. But organizers wanted to keep the traditional roots of the conference in Houston. So they moved to a conference center in The Woodlands, a master-planned, mixed-use development done in the 1970s by astrophysics-loving billionaire George Mitchell. ” Join Eric and the one and a half thousand registrants for a week of planetary news and views.  Read more

Conference on genetics and genomics of infectious diseases

Classical and emerging infectious diseases, viral pandemics, and drug-resistant pathogens remain challenges to human health. However, contemporary advances in genetics and genomic technologies provide new approaches to understanding and combating these diseases. The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) and the Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) are partnering with Nature Publishing Group (NPG) to organize an international conference to discuss how the genomes, unique biologies, and interactions of both host and pathogen are being revealed using novel genomic technologies, and how this information can and will translate into disease management and therapies. This conference, from 21 to 24 March 2009, at the Ritz Carlton Millenia Hotel, Singapore, will engage basic and clinical scientists, including human geneticists, genome scientists, computational biologists, and experts in pathogenic microbial agents, to chart the effects of genomics on questions in global infectious disease management.  Read more