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Is citation extortion practiced?

Is Citation Extortion practised? asks Peter Murray-Rust, a professor of chemistry at Cambridge University. He writes of a researcher he met who said she had submitted a manuscript and been told by the publisher (or editor) that it would not be published unless she included at least two citations to papers published by that publisher. Professor Murray-Rust is understandably appalled by this report, and asks readers of his blog whether this is a routine experience for them when submitting papers. Certainly this practice does not occur at any journals published by Nature Publishing Group: the citation list is entirely up to the author, although peer-reviewers (who are independent of the journals and of each other) might make suggestions as part of the revision process.  Read more

Precedings forum on Nature Network

There is a forum for Nature Precedings on Nature Network, where you can ask questions, receive answers and join the debate about this new way to post your results. (It is all free, but you need to sign up to Nature Network first.) One such question asked of Nature Precedings by a science blogger is: Why post on Precedings when one can just post on one’s blog? Hilary Spencer, product development manager for Nature Precedings, provides a reply at the Nature Network forum:  … Read more