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Great Beyond Super-Scientist-Spotting Quiz!

Last week US biologist and blogger PZ Myers was unceremoniously evicted from the cinema where he was about to view the film Expelled, dismissed by many scientists as creationist propaganda (see last year’s post for more on Expelled). However the film’s producer, who had Myers kicked out, failed to expel his fellow cinema-goer, one Richard Dawkins.

Cue a mass blogosphere feeding frenzy (see here, here, here, and here).

But would you have spotted Dawkins? Or even Myers? Now you can test your knowledge of key figures in the new Great Beyond Super-Scientist-Spotting Quiz!



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    Pharyngula said:

    Take the quiz!

    This scientist spotting quiz has me wondering — has a Peterson’s Field Guide on this subject come out yet? Creationists apparently need one, although I’m not too keen on being ogled by weirdos with binoculars. (By the way, I got…

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    Rachel said:

    Certainly the quiz was harder by only including white men, but aren’t there key scientific figures who aren’t white and/or who aren’t men?

    [Apologies for any offence. To keep the quiz short it was limited to six people and it was decided that it would be too easy to get them right by chance if there were obvious race or gender clues – ed]

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    Mong H Tan, PhD said:

    RE: Anti-religious Psychosis in the Making!

    I think both PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins would undergo psychosis someday, for their increasingly, extremely, irreversibly irrationalism, in their self-perceived anti-religious staunch!—BTW, I recognized all the scientists and pseudo-scientists on the list. Thank you!

    Author “Decoding Scientism” (work in progress since July 2007).

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    CC said:

    What in the world is Michael Behe doing in a scientist spotting quiz? I’m disappointed with person who designed (…) it.

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    Diego said:

    Wow! I got a perfect score, even though I did not know David Sloan Wilson.

    Glad to see Prof Steve Jones there. I loved all his lectures.

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    N 'Man O' Rage' R said:

    I got all bar one. Under Guess the scientist no.2 it shows Micheal Behe.

    While Micheal Behe is in the options and I know all the rest – he is not a scientist. There wasnt a none of the above answer. I think this is a bug in the quiz and should be fixed ASAP.

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    Jason said:

    Wow! I’m one of those damned Creationists and I got a perfect score. Woo hoo!

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    NelC said:

    More of a fault in the description of the quiz, which after all is just a bit of fun. “5 scientists and 1 non-scientist spotting quiz” is a bit verbose.

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    Jason said:

    While Micheal Behe is in the options and I know all the rest – he is not a scientist.

    Huh. And here I thought it was only fundamentalist Christians who judged people are “real” or “fake.” I guess to be a “real” scientist, one has to agree with the establishment.

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    Bryan W/ay said:

    If by establishment you mean empirical evidence, then yes.

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    General Science said:

    Seed’s Daily Zeitgeist: 3/28/2008

    Neil Turok: 2008 TED Prize wish: An African Einstein The physicist plans to spread the African Institute

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    soreya said:

    Glad to see Prof Steve Jones there. I loved all his lectures.

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