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Short men are the jealous type

An international team of researchers appears to have proven the old adage about shorter men being insecure.

The team asked 100 men and 100 women how jealous they were in their relationships and asked another 119 male and 230 female students their responses to someone flirting with their partner.

“Taller men tended to be less jealous when confronted with socially influential, physically dominant, or physically attractive rivals,” the researchers write in a paper in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. By contrast the least jealous women were of average height.

The story has been getting wide pick up in the media after being originally publicised by New Scientist. Women’s magazine Marie Claire is asking its readers, “Does your man suffer from ‘short man syndrome’?” Currently the poll stands at yes 22%, no 78%.

Original research in the Nature office does not support a height-jealousy axis. One short Nature reporter said: “I’ve had several girlfriends cheat on me and I didn’t really care.”


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    Maxine said:

    Ok, who is that? I have to guess. Are you going to reveal all? (by a tall but female Nature editor).

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    PETRONA said:

    Are short men more jealous?

    The Great Beyond: Short men are the jealous type. From the post: ‘Original research in the Nature office does not support a height-jealousy axis. One short Nature reporter said: “I’ve had several girlfriends cheat on me and I didn’t really

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    A Nonymous said:

    I am a tall, male Nature editor. I am tall in three different dimensions – vertically, from front to back, and from side to side. My mother (my MOTHER) thinks I look like an Arab terrorist, whereas former university friends say I look remarkably like Carlos the Jackal. A former colleague thinks I look like an enforcer from the yakuza. I find that authors and referees of both sexes are very nice to me. My wife (who is tall) thinks I’m just cuddly.

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    Edward said:

    As an exceptionally short man, I honestly believe that the insecurities that come with this stature are compounded by the insecurities of short women. Average height women are more comfortable with dating a shorter man than a short woman is in dating a man of shorter height. This puts an already insecure man into a position of even greater insecurity.

    Short women, by contrast, can draw upon the confidence of a taller mate…though they are often the most jealous of wives and girlfriends. That isn’t being highlighted here.

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    Michael said:

    As another exceptionally short man, my experience supports Edward’s. During my dating years, short women rejected my advances with unanimity. Women of average to far-above-average height felt quite differently about the matter.

    In the same way, men of average-to-slightly below average height seem somewhat passionate about finding a shorter partner.

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    John at the Jersey Shore said:

    I am medium short (5’7") and I find relationships with women to be the only thing I am not insecure about. I am most comfortable around women, though I do not profess to understand them except just a little. Taller, mas macho men and all children cause me the most anxiety. And of course, like everyone else, I just dismiss shorter men as irrelevant.

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    Nat said:

    I’m a tall straight man. Every short man who has been my friend has gotten angry at me for no good reason and essentially terminated what I had thought was a good friendship.

    Yes, it’s good to be tall, except on an airplane. And I have to say that I’ve never been jealous over a woman.

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    Krassen said:

    I am 6’1" and always felt very uncomfortable around short men, because anything I say they take it extremely personally and make a huge drama out of it. That’s why I doubt Mayor Bloomberg would be a good president, even though he seems most qualified…

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    William Biazzo said:

    If you are a short man (such as myself), you notice certain things. Taller people seem to be promoted over shorter people, get more money even in the same professions, and are deferred to as the natural leaders in any group of which they are a part. With rare exceptions, the taller man is more often elected to presidential office. I believe I heard that taller people were even found to be more attractive then shorter people. This bias in favor of height may explain why shorter men need to be more intense then their taller compatriots. Unless they actively fight for their day in the sun, they won’t have the same success that a taller person achieves by right.

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    Napoleon the 44th said:

    If short men are insecure, its because we have had it demonstrated to us over and over and over in life, mostly by women and in no uncertain terms, that we are seen as deficient because of our height. Naturally, if you ask a woman, she, having been raised to be nice, will always say (unless pushed) that SHE would never discriminate on the basis of height, that personality is more important, that confidence is what counts (note that these women are expecting CONFIDENCE from men who are regularly rejected their whole lives by women.)etc. but give that same woman truth serum, and she’ll admit that she has never or almost never dated a man shorter than her. The best jobs, the best women and all deference are regularly given the most unqualified men based on their height alone. It’s just a form of bigotry that, because it is not seen as institutional (like racism), goes mostly unacknowledged, ESPECIALLY by women.

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    RR said:

    Guys, don’t feel bad. Just be smart. As a guy who’s 5’ 7" I see women naturally gravitate to the taller guys all the time. I’m friends with all the taller guys. Truth be told, I don’t hate them for it. Yeah, they have it easier. They don’t even have to do anything. The girls just go to them. But we shorter guys have to use our skills and imagination and every trick we can conjure up to even get a girl to notice us so the win is that much more satisfying when it eventually does come. Just get used to doing a lot more chasing and re-orient your entire perspective on women. And always be dating multiple girls. It’s all about the gene pool. Tall guys do well because they stand out, but you can stand out in other ways depending on the gene pool. E.g. if you go to a foreign country, or even another state, the chicks will dig you more there because you’re unusual and that much more attractive. Go to places where you’re the ‘different’ guy and play it up instead of feeling weird about it. Girls are always gonna’ blow you off and be a pain in the ass. Don’t let it faze you. I’ve learned to target women better. I go for girls that would be most likely to appreciate a guy like me, not for the typical bar fare. And be more open to dating girls who may not be your ‘ideal’ but date them anyway. Who cares? Have fun. That’s what I’ve learned. Every guy has options. He may not like them, but he has them. For me, it’s always a fat chick, sometimes a nerdy girl and rarely a moderately hot girl, so wait it out.

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    Vman said:

    I am 5’8". Never had a problem dating..ever. Perhaps only in High School and first part of college. I never had “short man” complex. However,

    as I approach my 40’s I found out the one thing women want the most; successful men. period. They sense this, they smell it across the room. I do see more disenchanted tall men than short man. Perhaps it is caused by the fact that life is the great equalizer and most tall men can not live up to expectations placed on them due to lack of talent and charisma.

    See a slacker, he is probably a tall man.

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    james said:

    this might clear things up. almost my whole life i have had to deal with the shortness. i am an extremely fun loving active guy who loves the out doors and is in great shape. my friends call me the mini model cause of my over all look. you would think that this would be enough right? no not at all. i am about 5’5 and even though i have had alot of girl friends it has always been a great struggle for me. the problem is anything under the 5’8 height becomes a serious issue for guys. theirs not much you can do about it. its just the way our society is. girls want a 6ft+, good looking ,smart, funny, fun loving dude that makes a shit load of money and is hung like a horse. they may not admit it, but it sure as hell is the truth! us short dudes just have to keep lookin and hopefully we’ll find someone thats ok with our height. but untill then try not to hate god or your parents cause it’s pointless. further more we all know that real men are not measured by their height but by the size of their wallet and cock!

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    daniel said:

    “As an exceptionally short man, I honestly believe that the insecurities that come with this stature are compounded by the insecurities of short women”

    This is somewhat true…

    Insecurites do NOT come from the individual, but from the social structures around him or her.

    Movie companies not wanting to hire “short” actors, clothing lines not supplying clothing for people at either end of the scope (tall or short) are two subtle, but obvious examples of biggot values being expressed and therefore reproduced in society.

    These actions, expressions etc (be they conscious or unconscious, deliberate or not) are all around us. What everyone really needs to do is take a step back and ask a simple question:

    Why do I categorize?

    Well, in order to understand your surroundings.

    ex “thats a big tree”. (compared to what? a smaller tree of course). This type of categorization is of course rather harmless, at least compared to its value.

    The same can be said about categorization within science. A lot of scientific progress comes from the basic procedure of dividing a procedure into categories and then using the category that repeatedly supplies the best outcome. This way we gain knowledge or get closer to the truth.

    HOWEVER, When we apply the same way of thinking to humans. black, white, man, woman, fat, skinny, bald, tall, short etc. We do it in order to motivate alternative treatment of the category. In other words, we exploit.

    Some people say: “well, I think categorizing gives me knowledge”

    “He is an arab, he must be a cabdriver or a terrorist.” This type of inductive thinking could lead you to knowledge, but it can also mislead you, which it often does.

    categorization in order to gain knowledge of your surroundings does:

    A)NOT WORK in social situations.

    B)Is extremly offensive to the person being categorized. Be he or she a black, white, tall, short, gay or straight person.

    So, in short, If you wish to stop being judged, Then all you have to do is stop judging.

    when you judge, you reproduce, cement and create the social “truths”, that in fact, have nothing to do with truth or knowledge.

    To stop judging you need to realize that your categorizing

    a)doesnt necessarily provide you with correct information about a person.

    b)is very uninteresting.

    Interact with other humans, not with blacks, white, women or men. HUMANS.

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    jackstpaul said:

    First of all, the “napoleon complex” thing is a bogus stereotype; a bias, a prejudice.

    Like all prejudice’s it is an ugly, mean, harmful thing.

    And false.

    Research about aggressiveness in men has demonstrated no relationship between level of aggressiveness for short men: Short men are not more aggressive than taller men. The aggressiveness factor is what the “complex” is about.

    What the study referred to here addresses is insecurity in romantic relationships. That’s far different than aggressiveness. To take that insecurity issue and use it to represent the ‘complex" when the complex’s standard definition is aggressiveness is either; A. An apples and oranges thing or B. Using one variable (insecurity) to signify the overall theme, the complex.

    Speaking as a social scientist, this is only one study, and the value of it rests in the quality of methodology and carrying out of that methodology. Don’t put too much faith in one study.

    The stereotype seems to arise from what social scientists call “selecting on the dependent variable, which means that, here, one starts with the conclusion—looking at those exhibiting the traits and then looking at the thing that is “independent” of the trait. The starting off place that the other variable. It means looking at aggressive short men and deciding that that means short men are excessively aggressive, rather than looking at short men in general and “studying” to see how aggressive they are—in general—compared to other men.

    Other selection examples of this type: Observing some greedy Jews, hence “determining” that Jews are greedy. Observing some blacks who are lazy and deciding that that means blacks are—in general—lazy. Observing some women who aren’t as smart as men—in general—and concluding that women aren’t as smart as men. Stereotyping as bias resulting in prejudice.

    Personality is largely formed in childhood up to age (10?) or so. How many short boys develop the complex given that not all of them will be short men, likewise that some not-short boys will be short men? If childhood height is the progenitor, then why don’t all kids develop the “complex”—or maybe they do. In terms of height the people kid’s most fear and have to live under the control of are adults, hence kids are “relatively” short in great part.

    Why don’t most females develop the complex? I’ve never heard that topic addressed, and I’m not interested enough to put the questions to some formal research body.

    The study, using insecurity as part of the complex, demonstrates the extremes of the way short men are viewed under the complex: Either aggressive due to being short, or being insecure due to being short. The tall aggressive male isn’t viewed as insecure due to height; he’s viewed—in stereotype—as being a natural leader, an alpha male. If quiet, more reserved he’s view as the strong silent type. Same personality characteristics, yet different perceived psychological states based on one independent, dispositive trait: height. Out of the multitude of factors that influence a person’s personality, behavior, attitudes, why are short men singled out to be who they are because of one physical trait?

    I’ m 5’4” an alpha-male in all but appearance, a leader, and aggressive. Due to height? How to explain my father with same personality but was dead-on avg. height? What physical trait?

    The complex idea came from an off-the-cuff remark by Alfred Adler about Napoleon (who wasn’t really short given the height of his generation and place). Not a result of scientific study. BS, in other words, and the aggressiveness part has been disproven.

    The study here addresses insecurity re: romantic relationships, not in general despite the way its conclusions are stated.

    I agree with the insecurity/relationship thing. It’s true for me. But with good reason, if one looks into the literature about what women want in romantic partners: Tall is very preferred, short very much not. Insecure? Of course, somewhat. Who wouldn’t be-—on avg.? Just as women who are overweight are similarly insecure—with good—from a social standpoint—reason.

    Wow. I’m going to save this and send it to some researcher. I think I’ve outlined some good questions to study.

    Bottom line: The “complex” is an ugly prejudice with real-world implications; i.e. people believe it and surely it must influence their behavior re: short men. I don’t need coddling, apologies, or anything. But think of the 4-5-6-7-8 year old short boys who have to le I a world with such a false bias re: aggressiveness shaping the behavior of seemingly not a small fraction of people in the world. Numerous studies exist about the disadvantages short males encounter.

    It’s real, and it’s harmful—it hurts. The bias against overweight women is real, too, but I don’t anyone who attributes their weight to a mental illness of some sort.

    By the way, what physical traits determine your personality?

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    sam cohen said:

    what’s a guy who’s about 5’7 and a half! ooo just on the cusp I guess.

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    James said:

    At the end it’s all about you. Do you think that aren’t any 25 year old virgins who are 6’1’’? Don’t be naive and think everything bad that has ever happened to you is related to your height. Ok so fortune 500 hundred excutives are all tall white christians so what? that’s just because everything that isn’t “normal” is discreminated against, not just height. Can you imagine every black or latino feeling sory for themselvs blaming all the bad things that happened to them on thier origins? And what about women? they aren’t fortune 500 executives either. My point is that you’ll always find a reason to feel sorry for yourself. If you don’t fit into the mold you’ll have to work a bit harder then those who do, so what?.

    For example: In my school years we had a sponsored trip to London, however there was limited room and personolity interviews determined the winners.

    I bested at least two guys who were about 6’’ – 6’1’’, The interviwers were both women by the way.

    I had more charm and i appealed more than those giants, which are my friends by the way. Bottom line is that few fit the white tall christian male pattern, and we have to be just a little funnier, just a little bit more ambitious and work a little bit harder.

    I’m 5’6’’ by the way, just a little taller than most women, My girlfriend is about 5’8 1/2’’ inches tall, and her mother is taller than her dad. Also my brother is 5’11’’ and he does go through girls like they were tissues, But trust me he is far from happy, altough he fits the mold perfectly and has every quality any man could want, he is still very oftenly misreble. Happines truly comes from within

    You and you alone are responsible for your lifes course. Of course there are events in your life and qualities within you which you can’t control, but are the one on the stirring wheel, you’re the one calling the shots.

    inconclusion, you’re born, you live for 73 years or so if you’re lucky and then you die. Try to have as much fun as you can in between.

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    Brian said:

    As a fella of 5ft7", it feels as if, the last near two years of life have been dominated by heigth insecurities. It all started once I went to university when I was basically around attractive girls. When I was only guy who wasnt 6foot tall. I got tons of smalls jokes daily and even worse I got loads of small jokes from girls. That really hurt, especially when a girl from my class said to me “we call you the short black haired guy”. It really has hit my confidence like a ton of bricks. I can hardly talk to a girl now, without checking out what height she is. I have even resorted to buying 1.5 inch heel lifts.

    My family says I have to get over it, but it is very hard when you get called “wee”, there is nothing more confidence shattering and belittling. Through this I really am developing short mans snydrome. The first thing I look at in either a girl or a man is his or her height.

    I honestly can’t see the day when I can accept my height, when dickheads who just happpen to be taller, get so much more in life.

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    Jonny said:

    ….so anything above 5’8" is ok? DAMN! Love and/or relationships is/are crucial in finding/feeling happiness for most people. Not just intimate relationships but relationships on your job, in your neighborhood, in everyday life. Since appearance, height, determines and effects your relationship with people it is very hard to overcome and look pass that fact. Especially if you are a very aware person who strives for better things in life. True there are good times but it’s hard to feel good about yourself knowing you didn’t get that promotion even though you’ve worked your ASS off to get where you are at now. It is hard when women look at you like you are not shit because of your height. It kinda drives you to do what ever it takes to succeed. I am thinking about getting implants and marrying a tall women so my sons will NEVER have to deal with that issue.

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    Blake said:

    You know what’s sad? Is that this has driven me to a point of personal depreciation. I am smart (IQ 141) I am talented (play 4 instruments, can paint, sculpt, draw anything), I am attractive (at least in terms aside from height). I am 5’7" and it didn’t seem like a big deal until I realized I’m not growing anymore ans I am being rejected despite my best efforts. I dated girls who after a few months blatantly admitted “I need a guy who is tall, sorry.”

    It’s BS, that you’d be cast aside and denied love, promotions, and respect based on something that you have no F8cking control over. I’m going to be honest, it quite literally has reached the point where it enrages me. I am not rich and it’s looking like the only way I’ll ever find love is to surgically alter myself to 5’10" any taller and I’d look freakish with my proportions.

    I have developed an overall distain for women. This is beside the point but if you read the newest economic data release 84 percent (it might have been 82%) of the people laid off are male. This is BS. So just like the height issue both Men and Women are to blame. Our media promotes only tall people and illustrates this is how a women should look and the man that she should be with… It’s absolute spartan ShYT.

    I have found that the shorter the women the worse the problem! They are so insecure about their own height that they have to have someone tall! Any of you ever tried to donate sperm? The first question they ask 9 out of 10 times is how tall are you. in most cases if you are below 5’11" they will not let you donate! I hope to god one day there is a surgery to increase torso length as well as leg length cause I’ll do it man, I’ll surgically alter every part of myself and then go poison the well! I will donate sperm 5 times a day! Women are quite possibly the most shallow creatures that will ever be concieved. Ever! Even ugly women talk about height.

    Why do we ahve a napolean complex? BECAUSE YOU GAVE US ONE, YOU TREAT US LIKE SHYT AND WHEN WE GET FED UP WE HAVE A NAPOLEAN COMPLEX. Yet when the big guy loses his temper ooo that’s so sexy and assertive! So basically guys you have 2 options. Move to Japan where you are average or surgically alter yourself! Yeah some guys get lucky, some are great with game, I can spit game all day and get somewhere until a good-looking tall guy comes along and screws it all over for me.

    Who to blame? God? It certainly does seem kinda like a d*ck move on his part. It’s definitely unfair that out of all the cards this guy get this BS hand until death. You know I don’t blame god. I blame shallow bullshit western media and advertising, I blame hollywood, and brad pitt. The worse part is hiding the embittered spirit that society has created in you (i tried to fight it all, I really did. I tried hard) you just want to scream BS but hey that only furthers the whole propaganda about short people. I could give all the love in the world and i’ll always lose to a guy who is a piece of shYt but hey at lease he’s tall. Good luck to all of you, I have to go figure out where i’m going to come up with 90 thousand euros so I can actually find love and have kids with a women that is tall enough so they won’t have to endure this misery. Thanks mom and dad I appreciate you both f*cking each other and creating me when you knew your partner was short.

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    Anne said:

    Thanks to all you wonderful men for your candid and relevant comments. What I’m getting from this is that people are so different, we can never say short men are this way or tall women are that way.

    I am a 5’7" woman. I consider men who are my height or a little shorter particularly attractive. Very tall men are okay too, but I find men around 5’9" or 5’10" least attractive of all. Why is that? Probably because the shorter men I’ve dated happened to be great guys. Or should I say, the great guys I’ve dated happened to be shorter than me. The very tall men I’ve dated had so-so personalities, and the men 2-3 inches taller than me turned out to be major jerks. Coincidence, I suppose, but nonetheless makes me feel “once bitten, twice shy.” Is that logical? I know it isn’t. Fear often isn’t logical.

    When I was younger I thought I was too tall. Now I just figure… meh… it is what it is. I can’t please everyone, but again, people are so different, some people will find me attractive and some won’t, it’s not personal, and it’s okay.

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    Mr s said:

    As an 18 year old, 5"9 male, i havent really had problems with my height until i stand next to my non-identical twin hu stands at 6"2.i think i prefer it like this..girls in college really enjoy the fact we are really different..altho sometimes i feel short or sometimes even tall depending on who i come across, those who know me truly will never recognise me by my height as they have accustomed to know my personality overhshadowing my physical dimensions.

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    CB said:

    I’m 5’7" From 14 through 20 every girl I dated or who was interested in me was taller than me. Some up to 2 full inches taller. Since then, every girl has been shorter to some degree. I’m 27 now, and my current GF is 6 inches shorter than me.

    I’m not really sure what to make of that data… could be meaningless. But I do remember reading one of my past GF’s cosmo magazines that actually advised girls not to discount the small guy.

    Their rationale was similar to some of the conclusions made already, that smaller guys have to work harder to be noticed and are thus usually better conversationalists and more empathetic.

    Personally, I think this is true. I’ve definitely developed a charisma over the years that has helped me to compete with the typical “big guy’s.” My current gf actually picked me over a college baseball player and a college basketball player both over 6’.

    The thing about insecurity is that it’s compounding. If you’re insecure, it will show, which will make you more insecure. Be confident that you’re EXACTLY how you’re supposed to be and you can’t go wrong.

    I’ve had a few girls discount me do to height, but each of them were self conscious about their own TALLER height. People tend to project their own insecurities. I still managed a ONS with a 5’10 scorcher last year, and thats all while she was getting gamed by 6’+ guys at the club.

    … the thing about being short is that you can fly in under the radar, no one sees you coming. 😉

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    Joseph said:

    Okay first of all, all these people saying they are short at 5’7 need to be quiet. That’s not short. Your opinion doesn’t matter here.

    I’m 5’2. I’m 22 years old. You bet it’s hard getting a girlfriend. Luckily for me, my parents raised me well. I learned to apprecite everyone and everything. I love the arts and history. It’s important to me have a strong desire for the truth. Yeah i get treated like a kid and it’s frustrating as all hell. But i know i’m more than the sum of my parts.

    You have to respect yourself. I’ve learned to enjoy my company.

    I have many male friends. I’ve brought up the issue to a few friends. They think i’m making excuses. But when i ask them, “how many girls have you dated that were shorter than you?” They had no retort.

    I can’t stand how ignorant people are sometimes.

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    johnc said:

    I’m 5 foot 8 1/2 inches tall. I used to be all too concerned about my height in relation to people that I knew in college and at work. I found a little secret at the shoe store. I wear boots now that add 2 inches of height and make me appear to be in the 5’ 11" range. It adds a degree of assurance that I’m not the shortest guy in the place. This is a vain society that we live in. Anything that can help you should be used, like hair color for grey hair, shoe lifts or boots for shorter people, or even cosmetic surgery to improve overall appearance.

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    shorty said:

    I’m 5 foot 6 and my girlfriend is about two inches taller than me. I’m always insecure about my height but the secret to my healthy relationship is I don’t reveal this insecurity. I’m constantly watching myself from doing or saying anything that shows of this insecurity. I think the most important thing about insecurities is to be able to keep them in check because you can’t help feeling insecure but you can help from taking over your actions, your thoughts and judgment. Be cool…

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    wenura rathnayaka said:

    I am(male) from sri lanka and less than 5’5. These are the simple rules I have learned by living more than 28 years.

    1. All women like tall Guys.

    2. But if they cant find one they will resort to a short Only as a plan B. (Her husband/BF Knows this and that is why he is tend to suspect her specially when some other taller guy gets closer to her. → i.e. JEALOUSY)

    3. If She finds THE GUY she wants after the marriage then she will (actually or at least in her imagination) involve with him.

    If she does not then there is a potential risk of getting in to diseases like diabetes, cancer etc.

    So the Options available to a short guy would be to,

    1. Marry a ugly(to the degree that no other MAN would want her) women

    2. Go to a prostitute. Unfortunately prostitution is not allowed in some (bloody) countries like mine – in the name of culture (the same culture that create this discrimination) . (Oh god I wish I was born in Australia if he is to make me so short)

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    James Landrum said:

    Everyone’s basic point that most women tend to prefer taller men is absolutely correct. Which is why we just need to make up for it in other ways. No, it’s not fair, but get over it, get over yourselves, and find the right girl for you who won’t judge based on your height. You don’t want that kind of girl anyway. I’m 5’4" and I used to have serious problems with girls in high school and the first couple of years of college. Now I’m 22 and I’m beating girls off with a stick around here. Being a handsome, in shape, talented, smart, confident, caring guy helps a lot. It helps that I go to a school with practically a 4-1 girl to guy ratio where most other guys are either creeps (no one wants them) or dumb jocks (not surprisingly, most girls grow out of the phase of liking this type). I used to get picked on all the time in high school, but now that I see myself for the wonderful person that I am, other people see me that way too and I’m actually quite popular and well-liked by my peers. Because of how confident I’ve become, I hear all the time, “I don’t really think of you as that short,” which means to me that they don’t judge me for it. It wasn’t easy to get to be the person I am today, and many people have tried to kill my spirit. But I am grateful for being short, because it has helped me to understand what prejudice feels like so that I know to treat everyone with equal respect.

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    Christine said:

    I met this white man who was about 5’3 and not the most attractive guy in the world. I am a black well educated woman that was fed up with men. This guy had all the qualities I was looking for in a man, but I had trouble dealing with the color of his skin and his height.

    After getting to know this man, his color and height became a non-issue. His character alone made him taller than any man I’ve ever met.

    Unfortunately, we never got together. It was never from a lack of trying. We let a lot of outside people influence our decisions.

    I hope that one day we do get together.

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    A. Puddle said:

    I’m 24, 5’1, and I’m sort of scrawny. I don’t have an amazing personality or great confidence or anything like that. I’m just sort of average. I’m always pleasantly suprised when a girl takes an interest in me, which isn’t all that often, because I’m quiet and I get mistaken for being homosexual. . . I don’t really know why quiet and homosexual are being put together, but that’s what I’ve been told. Anyhow, when I do manage to attract the attention of a woman I do get a little jealous if another guy starts hitting on her. I don’t think this is a really a bad thing. What wrong with being a little jealous? If you don’t care, you shouldn’t be with the girl. People take such offense to being called jealous. I don’t know. Maybe its me who is off.

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    Slim said:

    Being short, although a disadvantage in success with women, is not a complete hindrance. It can, however, lead to a runaway train of negative thoughts that are present in some of the people in this thread.

    I’m below average (5’7") and have seen pretty decent success with women. Most have been my height or shorter but I’ve virtually peeled taller women from a taller guy’s table at a bar before too. Personality and humor are really key in my eyes, and I’m not talking about standing there and telling jokes. You have to be witty. Calm. Act like nothing surprises you. While a woman may gravitate towards a taller man with these qualities, they can very possibly ignore a taller man without them in preference to a more interesting shorter man.

    Just don’t give up and blame things you can’t change. Expand your horizons and be at peace with yourself. Women sense and like this.

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    Roja said:

    Hey guys ave read your comments n they surprise me,am 5’7 n dont ave a problem at all with dating, every woman i date is easy, its all about personality inteligence n love, guys who r ma height i want 2 advise u, Work hard make gud hell much money n c if u wont be 6+ in 2 days girl wil lv u as if u r of another species

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    Z said:

    *I will warn that I may come off as a conceited narcissist, but I am being honest… (it’s hard not to believe you are good looking when you have done some modeling and women have been telling you that you are gorgeous your whole life)

    I am 5’9" (which is average); age 24 and I have only grown 1 inch since I was 14. I have never had problems with dating or women, but that is also because I have a model level attractive face, I am intelligent, successful, defined muscular body and athletic (played college football, though I was one of the shortest guys on my team), not to mention I also know how to communicate effectively. I never got jealous from not being able to get a certain girl, but that is because I realized at a young age that people have different tastes.

    However, I did notice that when I would hang with my 6’2" friend (before he found his eventual wife), he would get more attention than I would despite being less facially attractive and less muscular. But when I mean attention, I mean women coming up to him and hitting on him rather than making him approach. He hit a confidence wave in college, but in high school he had more jealousy and self-esteem issues than any of my other friends and he was the by far the tallest of our group.

    Now on the other hand, one of my best friends from college is a ‘real-deal-lives in Milan- runway model.’ So he is 6’1" and even more attractive than me, though facially we are about on the same level. However, I have never seen anyone in my life get the blatant stop/stare/whisper/point from females like this guy does. However, I got with more girls and more good looking girls than he did. But that is mainly due to me being very masculine while he plays the model thing up and could easily be perceived as gay by his attire (all free designer shit) and some of his mannerisms.

    But I have never seen anyone get as blatantly jealous over not getting a girl as him. Because he is a real deal fashion model he assumes automatically that every girl wants him, and most do, until they start talking with him (and he is not dumb, just not very dominant in personality or conversation with women.) So when this guy does not pick up a girl and others that he is with get some hotties he acts like the most jealous little tool I have ever known. He literally almost ruined a 4 man Euro-Trip because at some lounge in Prague this group of the 3 most beautiful Czech or Scandinavian blondes you could imagine did not even look at his way more than once but decided to make our 5’9" 300 lb + friends night by all surrounding him on the dance floor and bumpin and grindin in front of this whole lounge/club. I shit you not, my friend had a 5 year old temper tantrum and ran out into the Prague night only to be found outside our hostel door later on. So despite this guy being a model and tall, in some way his 99.9% physical attractiveness caused him not to be so dominant because everyone gave him everything he wanted and sucked up to him growing up. Therefore he had zero game or ability to land girls equally as attractive as him, they were turned off by his personality. But I won’t lie, this guy has gotten laid just because of his looks by so many women it is ridiculous, but it’s not like any of these girls were that great…

    As far as me being personally jealous of taller guys, like I said before, I always had my share of attractive women, so in those regards never. However, I was jealous of taller guys in the sports world primarily because I was too short to make the JV high school basketball squad despite being in the best shape and having more than adequate ball/shooting skills. I played corner in college and nothing sucks more than simply getting beat by a receiver because he is 6’5 and can reach places I couldn’t dream of. But there was not much better than stepping in front of those slow giants and intercepting the ball. As far as sports go, I would have rather kept my current height and exceptional speed and agility than to have been a few inches taller but lost some of my athleticism.

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    slackforce said:

    I was going to post something relevant, but then I read Blake’s post and realized I’d just be repeating everything he said. So, instead, I’ll repeat what >II was going to post something relevant, but then I read Blake’s post and realized I’d just be repeating everything he said. So, instead, I’ll repeat what >I< said on another site.

    Short guy here. 5’6".

    The state of being short has almost exclusively made me into what I am today. When I think too hard about my life, I become very bitter, and very cynical. When I contemplate my past and future prospects with regards to the opposite sex, I become downright depressed.

    Fortunately, I have a lot of things going for me. I have a wonderful family, wonderful friends, a healthy body, a healthy mind, decent (some might even say “good”) looks, and a personable personality.

    Unfortunately, none of this matters when it comes to relationships and sex. I won’t bore any of you with specifics, but suffice it to say that my experiences mirror many of the previous posters’ experiences…the ones that imply utter resignation with regards to the…“finer”…sex.

    I have been relegated to a position of inferiority since I was a child. I have to fight twice as hard to get half the respect from men. I have to rely on luck, a rare fetish, or lowered standards for a girl to even deign to make eye contact with me. I have gone and will go through my entire life either unnoticed or disparaged.

    I don’t give a damn whether a girl is short or tall. I don’t give a damn whether or not she can sire me some evolutionarily capable children. Why the hell is it that I, and most men I know for that matter, am able to fight past these supposed biological barriers while women are practically expected to embrace them? Why the hell am I constantly told to “lighten up” when the potential for one of the most profoundly and positively influential factors in my life was obliterated the moment I was conceived and at no fault of my own?

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    DIlligaff said:

    I would give my left testical to be 5’9’ so quit whining! You don’t even qualify to speak here!

  36. Report this comment

    Smith said:

    Do you guys know the funny thing?

    Height is transmitted through the female gene!! On top of that, a man’s penis size and height is determined by the amount of testosterone he was exposed to while in the womb of the woman!!!

    So, I guess you know who to blame now.

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    farup said:

    I know for a fact that a girl with a decent head on her shoulders would ultimately not mind the height. Yeah, any woman or man would naturally gravitate toward the shiny thing in the center of the room. But the normal, mature ones wouldn’t stick around long if there weren’t much substance there. I know from personal experience that it is the insecurities that kill the relationship way more than any physical characteristic like height/weight/baldness/etc. could. If a guy is going to be jealous and upset if the girl with him as much as gives a compliment to another man, then that’s not the girl’s problem. Now if the jealousy is a result of height insecurity, then it turns into a vicious cycle. You have a nice girl in your life, you get jealous and possessive over small, meaningless things, and eventually push her away and kill something which could have been meaningful. It shows a lack of confidence, which in my humble opinion, is the biggest turn-off in men.

    Agreed, being shorter than average gives you an additional battle to fight all your life. But what about it… you have the height battle, others have other battles. We all have our own. Woman fight the looks and youth battle all their lives, and it only gets more uphill as years go by. Tough luck for us and tough luck for you. You make what you want out of it. You know you don’t have the height going for you, so get your intellect and your confidence going for you. Some of the best male personalities I have met happen to be on the shorter side in terms of height. What they lacked in one aspect, they more than made up in another. So I’m amused by some of the bitter posts I see from shorter men here. Bitterness is far more unattractive than shortness in height would ever be.

    As we all hopefully know, from a dating point of view, a woman who rejects you based on your height alone, is not worth anyone’s time. For the rest of the women who seek relationship material, the “burden of proof” falls on the man. The taller men may have an easier start, but that’s about all the advantage they get. If you can’t engage someone’s interest enough to make them want to get to know you better, it is your problem and you got your work cut out for you. Just my two cents…

    Also, I find very few things more ludicrous than getting implants to increase one’s height!! That’s just insane and you are fooling yourself if you think that would make your life better.

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    thomas said:

    Like most of you guys, i am a short. Unfortuntately i would say it has defined my identity here at college. It seems like everything is in its place here (No guy shorter than 6 feet, all beautiful girls around my height, 5 6), and then there is me. Im just here, invisible. I dont feel important. Im not having as much fun as everyone else. Why? I tell myself its because i am short because that is an easy way out and its for the most part, true. For the last couple weeks now, it seems like almost EVERY DAY i hear girls saying “Oh hes too short”, “hes cute but too small” Do you know how deflating this is? Do you know how hard it is to hear this, what seems like day in day out. Its just plain deflating to see girls look at you, see that youre good looking (which id say i am) then see that they are sizing you up and realize that Oh he too short. The disheartening thing is that there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. Its just fucking hard to be short man. Id say the reason that short guys sometimes “have a chip on their shoulder” is because society has made height a factor in dating/girls, politics, and what seems like every aspect of life. Not many people have to put up with this shit. It just plain sucks. I know this is a rant but its my way of venting the sadness, frustration and anger i feel on a daily basis.

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    pablo fraser said:

    Hi somewhere between 5’7 and 5’8.i dont know if its better to say am 5’7 or 5’8…as an african,am somewhat,am conspicious to most girls.but,standing close to 6’ plus guys.i feel like a shrimp..i believe am stil young (19)and perhaps i might end up as 5’8 and a half..but,if i dont,i shall not be,here is my advice for d shorter to be more confident,it entails building up slightlty,dressing well,being a bit jovial,it makes u look more confident.dnt try doin things to please things girls hate most are ass-kissin guys.try being confident and try giving d demeanor u dont give a damn about them(it works for me)..also,avoid wearing very flat shoes.(no converse and vans),try allowing ur hair to grow just to abot 2cm..and just be happy.believe me,it wont take 2months before u start getting too much attention…….stay cool,most celebs are 5’7 to 5’9(sean paul 5’8,chris daughtry 5’8,eminem 5’8.tom cruise 5’7)

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    jheri said:

    Following the comments thread is interesting, although it moves from the article. There certainly is some bitterness being expressed by some.

    So I come from a different vantage point. I’m a 26 yr old female and am 190 cm tall. That is almost 6’3 but, being a woman, I round down to 6’2 when someone asks. There are issues of rejection for tall women as well as problems with things that just don’t fit. People constantly stare and make rude comments behind your back. When they do talk, they tend to ask the same half dozen or so questions.

    Many guys are intimidated by my height, which is silly as I’m very thin and am not a “big” person. Over the years I’ve come to see this as a way to sort out those who I really wouldn’t want to be with anyway. There are a few who have a height fetish and that is even worse than those who are intimidated, but that is easy to detect. In the end I’ve come to be relatively secure with myself. Most of the guys I’ve dated aren’t as tall as I am and some were initially bothered, but after we get to know each other those issues get away.

    I do notice that those who are intimidated make a big point of their height – like it is all they think about. It is possible that is all they really do think about. How boring. I doubt this sort of insecure person would work out with any woman. They might have very different luck if they let an interesting person shine through and would bury the height thing.

    If someone is hung up on the guy being taller, the height distribution curves work out even for very short guys. There are going to be some guys and some gals that just won’t change and this is a huge thing to them, but my guess is putting most or all of the blame on height isn’t right.

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    BD said:

    I’m 5’6" and a half and have never had trouble meeting and dating women. But I also look like a friggin’ backstreet boy, which is very helpful. Being short can work for you if your overall look is that of the cute, youngish-looking, boy next door type. Also, it probably helps that I’m a lawyer making fat stacks.

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    joe jmama said:

    I am 5’3’ 47. I do hate it when a short guy gets mad yeah he has a complex but when a big guy does it it is okay. have no kids don’t want any have 2 dogs that love me unconditionaly . Besides I don’t have to worry about leaving my kids this world we live in. And corporate america will not get anything from my bloodline anymore, because all you do is take and take. goodbye

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    zanni said:

    I’m a girl 5’8" tall and I always liked short men. However reading stuff posted here makes me rethink this… because what a lot of shorter guys say here is that they “date a lot of girls” or try to—that’s very un-manly actually and quite ugly. You probably got a lot of STDs from all these numerous women? I certainly wouldn’t be interested in the type of man who’s trying to chase as many women as possible, and substitute quantity for quality. From many posts here it seems like it’s the case with short guys. What an eye opener. May be I should stay away from them from now on. Yes, I noticed a lot of them have short man syndrome and insecure and that causes them tread a girl badly I think, like play games, etc.

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    zanni said:

    PS: I see all the short guys complain and bytch about how women reject them… Well look at how you treat women, may be that’s why? I’m 5’8" and the shorter the man is the more attractive it is for me… do you think they treat me nice, though? They treat me like crap. Why? Cause they’re as sexist and misogynist (or may be more) as tall guys, and they want women to be weak, dumb and submissive, like mainstream media requires them. Sorry, I’m athletic, very educated (have advanced engineering degree), strong—so why treat me like garbage just because of that? (I’m not even an American woman by birth, btw, so I’m not someone seeking wealthy and successful men at all, quite the opposite, prefer starving artists) Just because of short men’s insecurity and their need for a woman to be a stupid and tiny and slave-like I’m always treated badly. Short men should look at themselves before they complain about how women treat them—may be it’s how you treat women causes them to run away?

  45. Report this comment

    zanni said:

    And more… I noticed how especially cruel short men have to be in their rejection of me—I guess it’s cause I’m tall? Tall men don’t seem to be nearly that cruel. I grew up in a country where women weren’t taught to be whores and seek sex outside a relationship, so American (short) men, once they realize I’m not looking to have meaningless fornication (call it whatever) with them, always reject me making sure they make it especially hurtful. Also, I noticed when I take initiative and make the first move, they need to also make it particularly cruel—like saying they want to go out and not calling me at all, even to cancel, etc.

    And I’m considered very pretty by mainstream standards and used to be a model in the past—so, I’m not the ugly one. I’m starting to believe that short men are just out of revenge and to use as many women as possible to make up for what they didn’t get in high school and aren’t suitable for a relationship… When you complain how badly women treat you, ask yourself “Am I showing respect for a woman or am I trying to act like a player who treats women like crap (so that I get a payback for all women who rejected me before)?”

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    slackforce said:

    I don’t think so, zanni.

    I think you’re right on the money with regards to a lot of us being misogynists. Why do you think this is? You said it yourself: we were ignored in high school and we “aren’t suitable for a relationship.”

    I love my mother, but I hate women. Why shouldn’t I? In a world where the only women that would give me the time of day are foreign and frigid, I’m just happy I’m not hopelessly depressed.

    I’ve become a misogynist, sure, and I’ve a lifetime of experience to justify this transformation.

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    DeeDee said:

    I wanted to thank all of the men who have been so honest and open here VERY much!!! Your candor about your experiences has helped me to better understand both myself and the man I am currently interested in. I’m just under 5’6" myself, and have always dated taller men (5’10" or taller). When I first met the current object of my affection, I was immediately attracted by his exceptional mind and his personality, but was not so sure about the height thing.

    Rather than either walking away from what could be an absolutely wonderful thing or putting on the “enlightened” hat and trying to ignore the issue, I chose to dig a little deeper into my own head and figure out why exactly I have always seemed attracted to taller men. Why should it be an issue?

    After a great deal of soul searching, and after reading some of what y’all have posted here, what it all apparantly boils down to is societal pressure. People that I don’t know and don’t care about making judgements about me based upon the stature of the person I am with. These are the same nameless, faceless, moronic masses that for my entire adult life have assumed that I’m an idiot because I’m blonde with big boobs….

    My final decision…. SCREW THEM!!!

    He’s sweet…He’s smart… He’s hot.. He’s short… and if things continue to work out on all other fronts, he’s be mine!!

    To all of the women out there who blow off a wonderful guy simply because of his height, I would personally like to thank you for being short-sighted enough to overlook this one, leaving him available for me!! Your ignorance and prejudice is my gain!

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    MattJ said:

    What’s all this about women won’t date guys below a certain height? This thing seems to be cropping up a lot.

    According to some in this forum, women only want tall guys – period, and short guys have little hope.

    I think some of you are inexperienced….

    During my 30 years on this planet I have seen NO evidence of this. I have not observed tall men 6 foot and above doing any better with women than men in the 5’7 to 5’10 range – seriously.

    I have seen a fair few short guys having success with quality women. I have seen women going crazy after guys in the 5’5" to 5’ 7" range – honest. Hmmmm, something else must be going on – OTHER than height, don’t you think? And it wasn’t money either in most cases. It was personality and confidence.

    I’m 5’8.5" barefoot, probably around 5’9.5" – 5’10" in shoes (call that short if you must??) and I’ve never had any trouble as far as getting laid is concerned, although my looks definitely help 🙂

    Women ‘SAY’ they prefer tall, dark, handsome, and hung like a donkey all the time, but that’s just a ‘preference’. Besides, how many of us fill that criteria?

    To give an example about things women say that turn out ot have no relevance on sexual attraction – I met girl a while back and she told me she could never ‘go’ with a guy with ‘skinny forearms’ – which I have. An hour later she couldn’t keep her hands off me and we had sex that same night. So much for the skinny forearms, eh?

    Oh yeah, also, a new guy has started at my work place. He’s 5’ 4". He’s one hell of a cool guy, in fact I think even I could learn a thing or two from him. I saw his girlfriend for the first time very recently – and she is very HOT. I reckon I know how he’s pulled her – because he’s a cool guy with a great personality. Which obviously outweighs the fact he’s only 5’ 4".

    Stop being bitter about your height. Don’t let your height get in the way of anything. Ever.

    And all those saying “I’m a short guy at 5’ 7” – stop being silly. Alright, 5’ 7" is a few inches below average but I still wouldn’t call it short. Being 5’ 7" should not be a problem AT ALL. If a women doesn’t like you, it’s far more likely to be something else, other than you being 5’ 7"!

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    MattJ said:

    Additional – I also hear complaints about how shorter guys aren’t ‘respected’ or seen as ‘masculine’.

    There’s a 5’4" guy and a 5’5"-5’6"ish guy at my work place. They are both very cool guys who i respect a lot. The fact that they are shorter in stature does not even FIGURE into the way I percieve them.

    It’s all in your head.

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    Mike said:

    MattJ wrote: “It’s all in your head”

    Comments like this make me sick.

    I’m 5’6. Since I’m good looking (facial features, good build) I’ve been able to get some hot girlfriends. However, I have also been rejected/ignored COUNTLESS times because I’m short.

    To say that women prefer tall men is “all in your head” is insulting to say the least.

    At 5’9" (taller in shoes) You’re NOT SHORT! You don’t know what the f*ck you’re talking about.

    Get back to us when you’re 5’7" or under. Until then, please… don’t comment anymore.

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    anon said:

    So since this is all about height, I’ll go ahead and let yall know that I’m 5’4". I’ve never really had any trouble with girls in general. I currently am 21 years old. In highschool I dated some of the prettiest girls my school had to offer. In fact I beat my 6ft+ freind to the most attractive 5ft 8 girl in school and even took her to prom. I have to admit the pictures from prom were a lil funny lol. I’ve had sex with over 20 women in highschool but I have mellowed out a lot since then and am now trying to save what I got left for marriage. As far as in the work place or social situations I do admit I feel a little insecure/anxious around big and tall men. Anyways, some of it is in your head and some isn’t. If you have bitterness or insecureities about being short then thats how others will see you(bitter and insecure). Nobody likes a debbie downer! But if you just accept who you are and decide to better yourself in other ways as well as not make a scene about our height when an issue comes up youll be fine. I often play it off as a joke or just tell women that big things come in small packages ;). Go for mutual attractions instead of pursuing women that are way outta your league unless you can’t resist. O and thank God for soccer cause thats one sport I can play.

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    Dave said:

    as another short man myself(5’5"-pushin it..)i have let insecurities affect my life personal life greatly. i have dated a girl for many years that loves every ounce of me. we have broken up mainly because of my insecurities and the thought that men should get around as much as possible before they settle down. my ex gf got with many guys while at the same time i let my insecurities keep me back from casual dating and approaching girls. insecurities soon turn into jealousy and this is where your own feelings and hurt inside can hurt others. while trying to find the courage to be less insecure i found myself around my family.. the most important thing to me in the world. simply put we are all products of our families. take your moms height, dads height and you will find your height rite around there. i finally realized that if i ever wished to be taller i would have to have taller parents.. i love my family i love my parents and i would never change them. if you do not want to change your family then you should not want to change yourself. i would never want my 5’ mother and her cute smile and loveable personality to change and i would never change my smart outgoing father(5’7") at all. i am content with being me because i am the product of the two most wonderful people in the world.. you should all feel the same way. god bless

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    Jerry Finch said:

    I am five-five .75 to five-six .25. Depending on if it’s morning or late afternoon at the doctor’s office. I must be the exception because I have a huge thing for taller women. So I guess, well yeah I love being short. I’m the man looking longingly at the women’s volleyball and basketball games on the t.v. or in person like some teen-ager looks at a pop star! I can’t help it! I like short women too when I wnat to feel manly, but I always go weak for women five-ten and up. So here’s one guy who loves being shorter.

  54. Report this comment

    anon said:

    I’m female and 5"4, my boyfriend is 5"2. I have dated several short men and can honestly say I would always be more attracted to the shorter bloke than the taller. I would go as far as to say I would make the effort to chat up a shorter man, normally because even the really attractive ones tend to have low self esteem when it comes to making the first move on women which is a real shame! I’m not fat, ugly or completely bonkers, but have found that once you get to know a short bloke, they often are much more caring, generous and better fun to be around than some great 6ft plus man, who towers above me and may look the part but hasn’t got the mind. I wouldn’t swap my boyfriend for anyone and honestly couldn’t care less if he was even shorter.

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    Sergio said:

    I’m a 25 year old male standing at 5’6. It’s funny because all my life I always knew that I wasn’t the tallest guy. But it wasn’t until this past year when, after research, I officially found out that I am considered a “short man”. And that due to this attribute, my life will be harder. And society seems to deem it perfectly ok to discriminate and even downright hate men who are shorter than average.

    It’s a funny thing because I always had a hard time with the dating scene and I always noticed that in every circle of friends that I have ever been a part of all these years, I was always the least respected. Whenever I wanted to voice my opinion people would deliberately talk over me with their own ridiculously stupid opinions. Whenever I displayed assertiveness no one took it seriously and sometimes I would get mocking grins and chuckles. Most of my guy friends are in the 5’11 to 6’5 range. They never had any problems with attracting women. I mean it is as if they could just sit at home for 80% of the year and still manage to have attractive girlfriends that actually seek them out. Most of these friends of mine are kinda shy and never really make the first move. And here I am asking girls out at random places, a few at some jobs, school, dating sites and I always come out empty handed. And as I said earlier, I never really attributed all this to my height until I happened to stumble upon the subject while surfing the good ol web lol. But now I understand. Despite my decent looks, my fun loving, caring and humorous attitude and even ambition, I will always be pushed to the back of the line because of my height. And the worst part is, there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it 🙁

  56. Report this comment

    olga said:

    “And the worst part is, there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it”.

    I think that the best part of it is that you ought to revise your conclusion because it doesn’t look consistent with what most women look for in men. Could you think of an alternative explanation, other than your height, for your lack of success with women?. Maybe it is worthy to look for it and test it!.

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    Noel Mkulama said:

    I have heard many saying lots of things about short men, but hear me oh short men:- I am 5’7" and I will tackle the issues one by one:

    “Tall men are handsome while short men are attractive” – How come I am short but very handsome and attractive too?

    “Short men find it difficult to hook nice girls” – My wife is very beautiful, she is 5’6" and we love each other very much.

    “Short men find it difficult to bear children” – With this beautiful wife, we have 3 amazing children, two boys and one girl.

    “Short men are not successful comparing with their tall counterparts” – Not very true, I am a very success guy, in all areas of my life, as a Financial Advisor, I advise tall people and they take my orders.I live in my own mansion and I have another mansion which I am planning to let out. I will make sure to let it out to a tall man, he will be my tenant & I will be land lord.

    “Tall men make more money than short men” – Lie, I make more money. In fact I have seen short guys making more money and assuming big responsibilities in a corporate world, in my country we call them “big shorts”.

    What am I saying? God created us wonderful people. You’ve got to appreciate and to know who you are in this life. Short men, you can rise in life and necer be intimidated..

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    Derrick said:

    5’5 guy here. I’ve never been the jealous type but I am sometimes envious of guys shorter than me who are successfully dating the super tall girls I’m attracted to.

    I’m in good shape though not as cut or fit as I was in my 20’s. Taller guys still move out of my way because they know by looking at me that I’m not one to be messed with. Confidence with women is not an issue because I can approach almost anyone. I’m not intimidated either. I know some men find tall girls intimidating and won’t go near them. I love them and it’s a fantastic feeling looking up into the eyes of a tall, beautiful lady. Most aren’t keen on dating shorter guys and it’s not like they make themselves available. With that being said, I respect and appreciate the tall ladies who have looked past height and are dating shorter men. I’ll extend my praise even further to those tall ladies who approach the shorter guys first! Hopefully this is a trend that will continue.

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