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Weekly round up

What’s been on The Great Beyond this week and a few extras…

Monday May 19

Name an iceberg / Brittlestar Spectacular found under the sea / Monday video: Chemistry party / Towards a transgenic model of Huntington’s

Tuesday May 20

NASA to pull plug on Gravity Probe B / ‘At least 12% of US biology teachers are creationist’ / Super-evolved mega-mice threaten island birds

Wednesday May 21

Rodent of unusual size ‘not quite so unusual’ / Space ’roo albedo test / Aircraft engineer indicted / Researchers hit back a mobile phone research reporting / Fact, fiction, and academia / British fertility debate ‘a vote for science over religion’?

Thursday May 22

Explosions on the Moon / Crazy robots go wild in California / Dinosaur round up: Yemen, Colorado, Alaska

Friday May 23

‘A perfect little frogamander’ / Acidic oceans arrive early / NOAA hurricane predictions / Nature blogs Phoenix landing

Other Nature blog posts you may have missed

Climate Feedback: Isotopes and Snowball Earth

Peer-to-Peer: a story that exemplifies the weaknesses of the scientific process

Nautilus: A second take on ‘ghost’ authorship

Ones that got away

What is a dead gecko doing inside an egg? From the Daily Telegraph.

Keep that thing away from me! Giant blue earthworms on Zooillogiz.

Could killer lake become a power source? From the LA Times.


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