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Listen up: gene therapies help grow hairy hearing helpers

Listen up: gene therapies help grow hairy hearing helpers

Hairy ears – yuck. But if you want to carry on hearing pins dropping around you, you’re going to need to hang on to those aural protrusions – or at least those right inside the ear (those unslightly sticky-out ones can go). Hairs in the inner ear are an important way of transferring sound but not everyone manages to keep them, perhaps after one poke too many with a cotton bud. With ear hairs – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Fusion scientist reprimanded for misconduct

Purdue University has reprimanded scientist Rusi Taleyarkhan for research misconduct, according to a statement released yesterday. Taleyarkhan will remain on the faculty but will lose his named professorship after a committee rejected an appeal against two findings of misconduct.

Mistake or insight?

What could either be an easily made mistake or a cutting insight comes to light in this year’s exam answer howlers competition, run by academic newspaper The Times Higher Education.

University of Southampton research fellow Anita Perryman submitted this statement from one of her students: “Tackling climate change will require an unpresidented response.”

It’s not known whether the student received marks for this.