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Copernicus corpse confirmed

de rev.jpgA skull from Frombork cathedral in Poland has been identified as that of revolutionary astronomer Copernicus.

Marie Allen, of Uppsala University, says DNA from the skull is a match for DNA from hairs found in books owned by Copernicus, whose book De revolutionibus orbium coelestium started the movement to viewing the sun – rather than the Earth – as the centre of the solar system.

“The two strands of hair found in the book have the same genome sequence as the tooth from the skull and a bone from Frombork,” she says (AFP).

Polish police have used the skull to create a reconstruction of how its owner might have looked. This, says AFP, “bore a striking resemblance to portraits of the young Copernicus”.

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    Sergio Stagnaro MD said:

    It seems that, thanks hairs found in books owned by Copernicus, such as discovery is a triumph of Genomics. Certainly, it is far better that humans may read the book De revolutionibus orbium coelestium, rather than admire his skull only.

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