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Science and the president-elect

elections small.JPGThe election is over, but the post-election analysis has hardly even begun.

Nature is one of many tackling the question of ‘What Obama’s win means for science’ and looking at some of the state-wide ballot initiatives that will impact US research. Our columnist David Goldston urges researchers to “keep a cool head about science under Obama”:

So the air of anticipation in the nation’s laboratories and faculty clubs is not unfounded; the danger is that it will become excessive. Like all presidents, Obama will have to govern as a mere mortal, making trade-offs among legitimate claims on the public purse and crafting political deals among constituencies.

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Scientific American looks at what the Obama win might mean for the environment.

“Obama has pledged to make energy transformation a top priority and will likely re-engage the US in international negotiations to combat climate change,” it says. “He’ll be starting out in the climate change hole (thanks to all the CO2 spewed as part of his campaigning) but even engaging the issue would be a big change from the past eight years.”

In the UK, the Guardian takes a similar tack:

President-elect Obama will shred the Bush administration’s energy policies and introduce a major climate change bill in an attempt to bring the US back into the international environment fold according to his senior advisers.

Over at the NY Times Dot Earth blog Andrew Revkin wants your help:

So what’s a president to do on issues like climate, population, international development and health, particularly in an era of huge deficits and pressing real-time problems? I’d like to send Mr. Obama’s transition team your 10 best proposals, as determined by their ranking by readers.

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