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Adaptation needed to avoid world food crisis

The recent food crisis, which saw crop prices sky rocket in 2007/08, demonstrated the fragile nature of the world’s food system. Coping with the short-term challenges of food price volatility is daunting, but the longer-term challenge of avoiding a perpetual food crisis due to global warming could be far more serious.

Temperatures in crop growing seasons across the world will exceed the most extreme seasonal temperatures on record by the end of the century, new research suggests.

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    Richard said:

    The Ninety-Per-Cent Prophecy!

    “there is a 90% chance that most of the tropics and sub-tropics will experience unprecedented seasonal average temperatures by the end of the twenty-first century” 90% chance .. hmmm. This is assumption number one.

    Assumption number two – this will cause food production to fall. Why? Because areas that had extreme heat weaves in 2003, France, the Ukraine, and the Sahel region of Africa — food production fell over the previous year.

    Assumption number three: Heat causes drought and not the other way round. All these regions also had drought. Now as any plant grower knows, plants do poorly with little water but thrive with the heat. But when there is a drought there are few clouds, more sunshine and more heat. Sunshine does cause heat, which maybe news to the global warming flock.

    According to their religion there is only one cause for global warming and that is the 0.012% of CO2 that man has added to the Earth’s atmosphere since the dawn of the industrial revolution. And this in turn is responsible for droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and the eventual collapse of civilisation.

    Well we only have to wait till 2090 to see these dire prophesies come true.

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