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@ApolloPlus40 – Tweeting the Apollo 11 Mission

BexZs.jpgCross-post from In The Field:

Nature News twitters the Apollo 11 moon mission as it happened — 40 years on. Followers can read about technical milestones, political challenges, and related events in the space race starting today, just over a month before the 40th anniversary of the first lunar landing.

The Tweets, located at, will follow Apollo 11’s crew to the moon and back, and taper off during the weeks following the mission to give followers the context surrounding the moon mission and its fallout for science and the wider world. Accompanying information will also be available on our In The Field blog.

Photo: NASA

Reformatted after original posting.


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    LabGrab said:

    That is a great use of twitter! I am going to tell some of the school teachers I know.

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    Jeff Goldstein said:

    Could you help us get word out on the Apollo 11 Special Post at Blog on the Universe?

    We’ve already added a link to you on the page.

    Jeff Goldstein, Center Director

    National Center for Earth and Space Science Education

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