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Endeavour returning

July home.jpgThe space shuttle Endeavour is due to land in Florida today, touching down at 10:48 am, local time.

Yesterday one of the thrusters that will help control the craft’s speed during descent failed during testing. NASA says, “This will not be an issue for landing.”

Endeavour put new batteries into the International Space Station and continued the installation of the Kibo science lab. It leaves behind it an improved space station and one of the oddest mix tapes you’re ever likely to hear.

As their mission ends, here’s a round up of what songs have woken the crew during their time in space.

Day Song Artist Chosen by
31 Jul 2009 Beautiful Day U2 Tom Marshburn
30 Jul 2009 I Got You Babe Sonny and Cher Koichi Wakata
29 Jul 2009 Yellow Coldplay Doug Hurley
28 Jul 2009 Proud to Be an American Lee Greenwood Chris Cassidy
27 Jul 2009 On the Sunny Side of the Street Steve Tyrell Mark Polansky
26 Jul 2009 Dixit Dominus Handel Julie Payette
24 Jul 2009 Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd Dave Wolf
23 Jul 2009 Tiny Dancer Elton John Mark Polansky
22 Jul 2009 Santa Monica Everclear Doug Hurley
21 Jul 2009 Life Is a Highway Rascal Flatts Tom Marshburn
20 Jul 2009 Theme from ‘Thunderbirds’ Barry Gray Julie Payette
19 Jul 2009 Learning to Fly Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Chris Cassidy
18 Jul 2009 Home Marc Broussard Dave Wolf
17 Jul 2009 Here Comes the Sun The Beatles Mark Polansky

Image: NASA


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