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China’s top ten science achievements of 2009

Chinese scientists have voted the country’s first petaflop supercomputer their achievement of 2009, in a poll conducted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

For the poll 563 academics picked the ten top Chinese breakthroughs and the ten top world science breakthroughs for the last year.

Here’s the (slightly cryptic in places) list of China’s top ten. World top ten below the fold.

1. China’s first Petaflop supercomputer developed by the National University of Defense Technology,

2. China established its first inland Antarctic research station,

3. China’s biggest large-scale scientific facility SSRF completed,

4. Chinese scientists’ breakthrough in quantum computer research,

5. China producing world’s first approved swine flu vaccine,

6. Chinese scientists created world’s first cloned mouse from iPS cells,

7. China developed sodium-sulfur battery with high energy density,

8. Dinosaur fossils uncovered in north-eastern China display the earliest known feathers,

9. Silicon purification by a New Type of Solar Furnace,

10. Industrial demonstration of the synthesis of ethylene glycol from coal.

World top ten:

1. NASA found reservoir of water ice on the Moon,

2. LHC (Large Hadron Collider) set new world record,

3. A new way of killing cancer cell found by British researchers,

4. Discovery of methane on Mars,

5. AIDS vaccine breakthrough announced in Thailand,

6. Chinese scientists created world’s first cloned mouse from iPS cells,

7. RNA that replicates itself indefinitely developed for the first time,

8. First programmable quantum computer created,

9. Oldest human fossils identified,

10. Launch of the Herschel telescope, the most powerful infrared telescope.


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