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MoD stops tilting at windmills

MoD stops tilting at windmills

For several years now, Britain’s burgeoning wind industry has had an unlikely foe: the Ministry of Defence (MoD). It’s not that the MoD wants coal-powered tanks or anything; in fact they actually believe that climate change might be a dangerous, destabilizing event.

On Nature News

Breast cancer gene patents judged invalid

Court ruling may spell bad news for biotech industry.

Geoengineers get the fear

Researchers fail to come up with clear guidelines for experiments that change the planet’s climate.

Synching Europe’s big science facilities

Momentum grows for body to coordinate the continent’s research infrastructure.

Space probe set to size up polar ice

Europe’s ice-monitoring project gets a second chance after 2005 launch mishap.

Quotes of the day

“Well, at least it hurt less than grad school at Cornell.”

‘Corey’ says getting a tattoo of fulvic acid – the subject of his PhD – on his back wasn’t so bad (The Loom).

“If this problem isn’t addressed then there is a real possibility that gonorrhoea will become a very difficult infection to treat.”

Catherine Ison, of the UK’s Health Protection Agency, warns that the sexually transmitted disease may be becoming drug resistant (BBC).

“For more than 30 years Britain has not done space rockets. But perhaps there is hope.”

Doug Millard, of the Science Museum, ponders the UK’s new space agency (Daily Telegraph).