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It’s almost over at the ACS

While some of us are stuck drinking lukewarm tea in rainy London, Katharine Sanderson has been out at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco.

Since we last caught up with her she’s been finding out how Rosalind Franklin “missed two perfect opportunities to realise what the structure of DNA was in 1952”.

In addition she’s learned how shining different coloured lights on solutions of silver ions can make triangular prisms of silver grow and told us how nanoparticles can help detect diseases.

In addition, she’s brought us the video embedded here from Lee Cronin of the University of Glasgow:

It’s of the Cronin group mascot, Isobot, doing his first ever experiment. Well done Isobot! You’ll have a PhD in no time.

Our team from Nature Chemistry have also been enjoying themselves, noting both that they are “celebrating our first birthday” and (shortly after) that “meetings are usually tiring but this one in particular seems to have really taken it out of me”.


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