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Quotes of the day

“This monkey is not outsmarting us. This monkey is getting away based on its athletic ability developed over years and years of evolution.”

Gary Morse, of Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, comments on internet sensation ‘the mystery monkey of Tampa Bay’ and his/her continued dodging of the long arm of the animal law (Christian Science Monitor).

“I think what FDA really needs is a 5- to 10-year building effort/re-building effort. And it’s not just rebuilding to what it was. I think it’s being a part of building the science of the future.”

Jesse Goodman, chief scientist at the FDA, tells American lawmakers the agency might need a decade to rebuild (The Pink Sheet, via Pharmalot).

“The RealClimate commentary reads like a distorted fairground mirror of the Guardian investigation – one that highlights the uncomfortable bits but blurs the rest.”

James Randerson, of the Guardian newspaper, defends his paper against the attacks of the Real Climate blog.

“Although the judge was correct in admitting the DNA evidence before the jury, we quash the conviction on the basis of a misdirection.”

Justice Thomas overturns the conviction of Mel Broughton for offences related to the animal rights movement (BBC).


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