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We’ve set the news free

All content hosted on the Nature News site is now freely available. This includes online news articles, and news and news features articles published in Nature. Previously, this content was free for the first four days from publication before becoming subscription-access only. The Nature News archive is now accessible to all.

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) has made this change so that Nature‘s news content can be disseminated and discussed as widely as possible, as we develop as the hub for quality science news and comment. With the rise of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and our own Connotea and Nature Network, we’d like to ensure that discussions about our news and comment can include an accessible link to the article.

The Nature News website links out to other articles such as opinion articles and features hosted by Nature and associated journals such as Nature Medicine. These articles, as well as analysis pieces including News and Views and Research Highlights, remain subscription access. These articles can be accessed via personal subscription, site license or individual article purchase.


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    Dr DK Price said:

    fantastic and very far sighted, thank you

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    Mike Serfas said:

    Splendid! I suspect that you’ll also have substantial impact on Wikipedia, where publicly accessible sources are much preferred. Your news items will serve well as reliable, well-written references that reach out to a broad audience.

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    Marc Lane said:

    Thank you for making your articles free access to general readers like me. What a breath of fresh air ! Can’t wait to read more of your fine publication and articles from some of the best scientific minds around. A great step for encouraging our children and grandchildren to pursue studies in any branch of science.


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    Marc Lane said:

    Second post

    A bold and forward looking decision for general readers like me, our children and the grandchildren. A breath of fresh air. You are to be commended.

    Marc Lane

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