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Quotes of the day

“Current indications are that we have made the first oil discovery in the North Falkland Basin. We will now focus on analysing in more detail the data gathered from the well.”

Samuel Moody, managing director of Rockhopper Exploration, says his company may have struck oil off the Falkland Islands (BBC).

“In this case, additional scientific equipment and components … could be delivered to the US segment of the station. However, funding for this flight has not been provided so far.”

The Russian Federal Space Agency says the shuttle Atlantis may travel to the International Space Station in 2011, meaning the shuttle programme does not end this year (RIA Novosti).

“The good news is that most of the spouses did not develop dementia. But this does alert us to the increased risk for some of them. We need to be taking care of the caregiver and finding ways to maximize the positives of care giving.”

Maria Norton, of Utah State University, in Logan, comments on her study showing that the spouses of people with dementia are at increased risk of dementia themselves (MSNBC).


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