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Quotes of the Day

“I would estimate the number of dead sea cucumbers to be in the thousands and their cause of death is obviously related to the oil spill.”

Rainer Amon, a marine scientist from Texas A&M, comments on a disturbing discovery on a Deepwater Horizon cruise (Scientific American, hat tip: Deep Sea News).

“I would rather lose a toe, and gain a whole hand.”

Shannon Elliott explains why she has had her big toe transplanted to her hand, which was damaged in an accident (PIX 11 News, via Fox).

“It’s clear that this government doesn’t believe in research in general and they think research is not necessary. Maybe they think that Italy can stay in the G8 just by producing bags and shoes.”

Emilio Campana, head of research at Rome’s marine institute INSEAN, discusses a planed strike by scientists on 25 June in protest at government funding cuts that threaten his and other research institutions (Research Europe, not linkable).


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