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Quotes of the day

“It’s clear that the LHC is the new boy in town, but in two years running we’re going to put Fermilab out of business.”

Mike Lamont, operation group leader at the Large Hadron Collider, talks to the BBC after the collider hits 10,000 particle collisions per second.

“It’s the first time that we’re getting to the level of knowing these animals as individuals, as families — as personalities, really. It’s a whole new step.”

Shane Gero, of Dalhousie University, talks to Wired about her new study on identifying individual sperm whales from their calls.

“The latest data shows that poor productivity in 2009 continued to be exacerbated by the low success rate for drugs in late stage development and a decline in sales from new drugs launched within the last five years.”

Hans Poulsen, head of consulting at CMR International, comments on his company’s new report showing pharma companies are making less and less money from newer medicines (Reuters).


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