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Quotes of the day

“Because maybe something could happen to the robots whereby they could lose a limb.”

Martin Gross, of the University of Jena in Germany, tells the BBC why making three-legged dogs run on a treadmill might help robot design (BBC, with video)

“There has been a really polarised debate in the blogosphere and the most popular blog sites are run by sceptics. As a result, climate scientists don’t want to get involved. They fear being ‘targeted’ by what some see as a McCarthyite witch-hunt.”

Nature’s own Olive Heffernan says scientists need to “emerge from their ivory towers” and engage with the public (Irish Times).

“Due to the exhaustion of old mines, we now have to dig deeper and deeper in search of coal, and it’s getting more and more dangerous.”

An executive at Russia’s second biggest coal miner discusses safety issues with Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Nine people are reportedly trapped after a mine accident today (AFP).


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