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Filing deadlines set in US stem cell appeal

CoA.jpegPrecisely how an increasingly complex legal drama surrounding stem cells will unfold is not known, but a timetable for the next act has now been set.

All briefs in the US government’s appeal of a lower court injunction barring it from funding human embryonic stem cell research must be filed by 4 November, and oral arguments will follow soon after that, the appeals court announced today.

In an order released on 30 September, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, which will hear the government’s appeal, said that Department of Justice lawyers must file their brief and its appendix by 14 October.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs, James Sherley and Theresa Deisher, must file their brief by 28 October; the government will have until 4 November to file a second brief replying to that of the plaintiffs.

Oral arguments should be scheduled for “the first appropriate date” after that, the court ordered.

An overview of the case is available here.

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