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Flamboyant Hawass returns as antiquities minister in Egypt

zahi hawass.jpgCross posted from Nature Middle East’s blog House of Wisdom.

It was less than a month ago when Zahi Hawass, the Egyptologist who has made a name for himself with his flamboyant ways, stepped down from the cabinet. Today, however, the prime minister of Egypt’s interim government announced that he was reappointed to the same position.

The news is sure to frustrate many archaeologists. In mid-February, over 150 archeology students held a protest chanting “Get out” outside Hawass’ office, accusing him of not caring about the large unemployment problem that archeology graduates face.

Colleagues and peers have also often secretly attacked Hawass, calling him a dictator who refuses any opinion that is different or opposing to his. International peers in particular could never criticize him publicly due to the tight grip he held on permits for dig sites across Egypt.

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