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Hauser Science publication replicated

Marc_Field_Portrait.jpgThe journal Science has published a replication of results from a 2007 publication coauthored by Marc Hauser. The paper, "The Perception of Rational, Goal-Directed Action in Nonhuman Primates”, found that cotton-top tamarins, rhesus macaques, and chimpanzees can each infer the intentions underlying another individual’s actions.

Harvard University, which has found the evolutionary psychologist guilty of eight counts of scientific misconduct, told the journal that it had been unable to track down the raw data for the rhesus macaque experiments. Hauser and lead author Justin Wood, now of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, have repeated the experiments, and report (along with a movie) that their findings back up their original conclusions.

The Science paper was one of three called into question by Harvard’s investigation. One, published in Cognition in 2002, was retracted. The third, published in 2007 in Proceedings of the Royal Society, also suffered from missing data. Hauser and Wood published an addendum in 2010 reporting that they had repeated the experiments and the new data supported their original findings.

Image: Harvard University


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    Herman Chinaski said:

    Of course this has little impact on the Hauser case. The main allegations of data fabrication come from the Cognition article and evidence that he bullied his students into accepting falsely coded results. Just because they were able to guess right for the data was missing for this Science paper does not change the other allegations, which are bad.

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