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White House sets deadline for scientific integrity policies

holdren2.jpgAfter a slow start, the White House is making suddenly fast progress in implementing President Barack Obama’s scientific integrity initiative. White House Office of Science and Technology Policy director John Holdren (pictured) announced today that agencies have 90 days to submit draft policies on scientific integrity.

The scientific integrity initiative dates back to a March 2009 memo issued by Obama, who gave Holdren 120 days to issue further guidance. After a long delay, Holdren issued a memo in December 2010 and further progress was reported on April 21. “No president has ever put this much emphasis on the practice and procedures of science and technology,” says Holdren, speaking this morning at the AAAS forum on science and technology policy in Washington DC.

So far, 6 of 31 agencies reportedly have draft policies on scientific integrity. Only one, the US Department of the Interior, has introduced a final policy.

Additional reporting by Ivan Semeniuk


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