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Equinox Summit: communiqué outlines vision for electrification in 2030

equinox.graphic.JPGAfter nearly a week of dialogue, participants at the Equinox Summit in Waterloo, Ontario, released their initial communiqué envisioning a path forward on low-carbon electricity over the next two decades.

The document (pdf) lays out a vision for the future of electricity generation, distribution and storage (summed up at right) while laying out possible technology pathways for getting there. Much of the emphasis is on decarbonizing the urban electric environment using geothermal energy, advanced nuclear reactors, batteries, smart grid technologies and electric transport, but the document also targets roughly 2.5 billion people who live without access to modern energy services today.

As noted in our initial post here, the summit tackled these questions in a unique format by injecting a sampling of clean energy research and using that as the basis for a discussion about where the world needs to go from here. Organizers plan to produce a more comprehensive summit blueprint and continue working with participants to promote the vision in the months ahead. Keep an eye on Nature News for further analysis.


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