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The end of a grand Endeavour

Space shuttle Endeavour touched down for the last time today.

endeav down.jpg

Mission STS-134 carried the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer instrument to the International Space Station. Some physicists hope it will spot particles emanating from antigalaxies (see: Antiuniverse here we come)

“They’re getting great data from their instrument on board the space station. It couldn’t have gone any better for this mission,” said Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA’s associate administrator for Space Operation (press release).

Endeavour went into space 25 times and travelled 198,000,000 kilometres during those missions, orbiting Earth some 4,671 times, says NASA.

Now scheduled for a well-earned retirement along with the rest of the shuttle fleet, the vehicle will be prepared for its final destination as an exhibit at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

Image: NASA/Bill Ingalls


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