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Technicolour toad spotted after 87 years

Posted on behalf of Chloe McIvor.

The striking Bornean rainbow toad (Ansonia latidisca) has been seen for the first time since the 1920s and finally caught on camera. Previously, the only image of the toad was a black and white drawing, but we can now see that the toad clearly deserves its title. The spectacular species was one of Conservation International’s (CI) ‘ten most wanted amphibians’ and was rediscovered in Malaysia by a team led by Indraneil Das from Malaysia Sarawak University (UNIMAS).


The discovery comes as part of a CI search for lost amphibian species launched in August 2010, which, in its first five months, supported expeditions by 126 researchers in 21 different countries. The search mission is targeting 100 amphibians not seen for more than 10 years and aims to update the conservation status of these elusive species.

Photo © Indraneil Das


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    Paul De Chant said:

    What a stunning organism. This really makes the case for studying, identifying and working to maintain biodiversity!

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