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NIH solicits opinions (from you) on biomedical workforce

lab coat.jpgDo you think PhDs take too long? Feel trapped in a postdoc with no job opportunities in sight? Worried about the state of biomedical research funding? If you’re reading this while waiting for your gel to run or procrastinating on a grant application, then chances are you’ve spent a fair amount of your free time ranting to your colleagues about at least a few of these issues.

Now’s your chance to rant to the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Yesterday, the NIH released a call for comments on a range of perennial biomedical workforce concerns. (For more detail on many of these issues, see our recent ‘Future of the PhD’ special). NIH says it wants to hear from everyone: scientists, institutions, and the public at large.

You have until 7 October to file your comments, which will then be fed to an NIH working group on the biomedical workforce. The working group aims to report its recommendations to NIH director Francis Collins’ advisory committee next year.

Hat-tip to Derek Lowe over at ‘In the Pipeline’ for flagging this earlier today.

Image courtesy of Mark Ramsey, via Flickr under Creative Commons.


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    Uncle Al said:

    Pharm workers are historically cheap, fungible, and disposable. Nothing has changed except the publicity. Anything championed by social advocacy is undesirable. A nation’s success arises from mellifluous concatentations of management, not the grinding of common gears. The driver is important, the automobile is not.

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    Nagaraj Gowda said:

    I am a PHD in Biotechnology and now working as a postdoc in Penn State, Hershey, PA.

    Really situation is scaring me for the future, funding is drying in the lab, not many grants, do not know what to do next?

    Spending so many hard years to graduate, working day and night and still the future is in dilema. Life is going to be tough for PhD guys. My suggestion is government should not restrict so much for atleast biomedical research. Scary sitution. what next????

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