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Goodbye, Tevatron

tev260.jpgAfter more than 25 years of smashing particles, the massive Tevatron accelerator at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in Batavia, Illinois, is being turned off for good today. You should read Nature’s recent news story about the Tevatron’s closure, and what will take its place (‘Fermilab faces life after the Tevatron’).

Watch the shut down LIVE.

And here’s a selection of Nature stories that tracked the Tevatron’s rise and fall:

1977: First mention of the Tevatron in ‘Elementary Particles – a rich harvest

1983: Another flavour of quark?

1984: Opportunities in particle physics

1995: The top quark found at long last

1998: Fermilab faces up to uncertain future

2003: Below-par performance hampers Fermilab quest for Higgs boson

2005: Fermilab: High-risk physics

2006: US particle physics fights for survival

2007: Shrinking Higgs brings optimism to US lab

2007: Behind the hunt for the Higgs boson

2007: Colliders race for the Higgs

2008: Fermilab still playing Higgs hide-and-seek

2009: Muon collider gains momentum

2010: Momentum builds for Tevatron extension

2011: Tevatron faces final curtain

2011: Goodbye Tevatron

2011: Tevatron’s legacy set to disappear

2011: Fermilab faces life after the Tevatron


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