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Connecticut approves $290 million for Jackson Lab

jaxThe long-awaited expansion of the Jackson Laboratory (JAX) may have finally found a home. Last night, the Connecticut legislature approved $291 million in bonds to fund the new laboratory, which will use computer and animal models to study complex diseases.

JAX, headquartered in Bar Harbor, Maine, says its ‘Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine’ will employ 320 people in its first decade, and up to 660 in the first 15-20 years. Total cost of the lab is projected to be $1.1 billion.

JAX had earlier contemplated a $328 million personalized medicine institute in Florida. But after a long search for a home in the Sunshine State, JAX scrapped its plans when it became apparent that Florida wouldn’t cough up the $200 million (half from the state, half from Sarasota county) JAX said it needed. (See ‘Jackson Lab scraps plans for expansion’.)

It didn’t take long for JAX to win a new suitor. Connecticut’s contribution won’t be official until Governor Dannel Malloy signs the legislation. But the bill is part of his broader Bioscience Connecticut initiative, and he has already voiced his support. Once that support is finalized, JAX will work with state officials to draw up a final contract.

Image: Jackson Laboratory


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