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‘Gecko robot’ walks up walls

The quest to make robots that don’t fall over at the slightest impediment has been making great strides recently.

A team from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada have combined an adhesive inspired by gecko feet with caterpillar tracks to make a robot that can walk up walls, they describe their robo-gecko-tank in the journal Smart Materials and Structures. According to the team their bot can move from a flat surface to a wall at up to 3.4 centimetres per second.

Of course, what you really want is to see this thing climbing a wall. Ladies and gentlemen: the gecko bot…

The paper is available here.


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    Randy Keiser said:

    This is a great idea and applicable in many ways. One of which is bomb seaching; another is for clandestine activity and information gathering.

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    Kyle B. SerVaas said:

    Hello, -I have an experiment I wish to try. In short I am very intrested in this video and your reserch. I wish to try and findout much more about the Gecko like adhesive your useing. How is it alike and how dose it differ from the actuall gecko foot hair (seta) and it’s adhesive functions? Any information that could be given that attains to the adhesive functions of Geckos would be greatly appreciated!


    Kyle Beurt SerVaas

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