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    Elizabeth Hart said:

    This is a very important issue, discussion on which should not be reserved to ‘experts’ with possible conflicts of interest. The rest of us have a say in this too.

    In this regard, I have forwarded an Open Letter, from a ‘layperson’s’ perspective to the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity re the political and ethical implications of lethal virus development.

    My letter has been acknowledged by the acting chair of the NSABB, Paul Keim, and Michael Osterholm, a NSABB member. I have been advised my letter will be considered by the Board.

    My open letter raises questions about the legitimacy of the US sponsoring lethal virus development – does this contravene the Biological Weapons Convention?

    Bearing in mind the questionable effectiveness of flu vaccines, I also suggest it is time to investigate the ‘influenza industry’, particularly the relationships between vaccine manufacturers and governments and other public bodies.

    The Open Letter can be addressed via this link:

    Elizabeth Hart

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    Nikita Bogoslovsky said:

    I fully support the concerns of Elizabeth Hart about the possibility new version of the viral “nuclear arms race.” People need to know the truth. History shows that all the secret becomes a clear

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