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Brazilian Congress waters down forest protection

The text of Brazil’s controversial Forest Code went through what is likely to be its final convulsion on Wednesday 29 August, after years of debate about how the country should balance the interests of farmers and developers with the need to protect the country’s forests.  Read more

The tale of the tail: measuring dinosaurs is tough when bones are missing

The tale of the tail: measuring dinosaurs is tough when bones are missing

Travel down the body of a dinosaur, and our knowledge of its anatomy tails away past its hips. As Dave Hone from University College Dublin has discovered, the vast majority of dinosaur skeletons, even many that are deemed to be “complete”, are missing parts of their tails.  Read more

ArXiv’s funding future boosted by hedge-fund charity

The financial sustainability of the ArXiv preprint server at Cornell University Library received a boost yesterday with the announcement that the Simons Foundation would provide the repository with up to $300,000 a year in funding for the next five years. The sum would include a $50,000 a year unconditional grant, with the remainder being matched to funds provided by ArXiv’s other donors.  Read more

Nile University students start sit-in at Zewail City campus

Nile University students start a sit-in in front of the main building until their demands are met.

In an escalation of the row between Nile University and Zewail City of Science and Technology in Egypt over a disputed campus (see ‘Universities clash by the Nile‘), more than 50 students from Nile University today forced their way into the Zewail City campus to protest the “loss of their campus”.  Read more